11 Jan 2019

Investigators Say Russian Mercenaries Connected to 3 Journalists’ Killings in Central African Republic

Investigators hired by Russian opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, also a former oligarch, are calling for a full investigation by the Russian and C.A.R. governments with support from the UN after uncovering evidence that suggests Russian Vagner Group mercenaries connected to Russian tycoon Yevgeny Prigozhin worked with C.A.R. law enforcement to

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21 Dec 2018

With Mattis out, is Blackwater back?

With SecDef Mattis’s resignation and Trump’s recent announcement about the drawdown of 7,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Trump administration may be reconsidering Erik Prince’s campaign to replace U.S. troops with mercenaries in the country. Since this summer, Prince campaigned heavily in the media and in DC for the use

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23 Oct 2018

UAE Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Political Enemies

The United Arab Emirates hired U.S. mercenary firm Spear Operations Group, comprised mostly of ex-U.S. special forces, in 2015 to carry out an assassination. This kind of contracting appears to be on the rise, highlighting the privatization of many kinds of conflict, the importance of special forces, and the change

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05 Oct 2018

As Afghanistan Frays, Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Is Everywhere

Former head of Blackwater, Erik Prince recently attempted and largely failed to pitch US transition to the use of mercenary forces in Afghanistan, with both the US Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State dismissing the option as a bad idea. Since then, however, he has been making the pitch

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06 Sep 2018

Here’s the blueprint for Erik Prince’s $5 billion plan to privatize the Afghanistan war

Erik Prince has continued to advocate the privatization of the war in Afghanistan through a plan that will allegedly cut costs and make gains that have remained illusive over the past 17 years. Prince has betted on President Trump’s longstanding opposition to the significant U.S. presence in Afghanistan, a bet

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29 Aug 2018

Mattis rejects plan to privatize military effort in Afghanistan

“Defense Secretary James Mattis on Tuesday shot down recently recirculated plans to privatize combat efforts in Afghanistan. ‘When the Americans put their nation’s credibility on the line, privatizing it is probably not a wise idea,’ Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. The former head of U.S. Central Command did not mention by name

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21 Aug 2018

China’s ‘Private Army’ prowls the ‘New Silk Road’

“It has been described as China’s ‘Private Army.’ Fueled by growing demand from domestic companies involved in the multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative, independent security groups are expanding in the country. In 2013, there were 4,000-registered firms, employing more than 4.3 million personnel. By 2017, the figure had jumped to

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01 Aug 2018

500 Russian troops on CAR-Darfur border

Witnesses have indicated the presence of around 500 Russian soldiers for the past 5 months on the border of the Central African Republic and South Darfur in Sudan, where they are allegedly training Seleka Muslim rebels from CAR as well as Sudanese soldiers. The Russian troops are being hosted by

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13 Jul 2018

Blackwater founder makes new pitch for mercenaries to take over Afghan war

Blackwater founder Erik Prince has released a video on Youtube calling for a change in policy concerning the Afghan war, away from a “conventional” military approach and towards a smaller fusion force of CIA operatives and 6,000 private contractors. Prince has remained active in private security/military services since leaving Blackwater

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12 Jul 2018

Veterans urge Kremlin to legalize private military companies

Russian veterans are urging the Kremlin to legalize private military companies. Under current restrictions, mercenaries/contractors fighting in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere are not eligible for government-sponsored support options. Veterans’ organizations state that Russian fighters are currently providing private military services in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Yemen, and Libya. These

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