10 Aug 2021

Artificial Intelligence may diagnose dementia in a day

Scientists are currently exploring whether an artificial intelligence system may be capable of diagnosing demetia after just one brain scan. The AI machine could also predict whether the condition of the patient will remain stable for years, need immediate treatment, or slowly deteriorate. It currently takes several scans and tests

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16 Mar 2020

Czech hospital hit by cyberattack while in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak

In Brno, Czech Republic, a major hospital has been hit by a mysterious cyberattack amidst a COVID-19 outbreak that is beginning to spread across the European country. The hospital, Brno University Hospital, stated that the incident postponed urgent surgical interventions. The cybersecurity incident also re-routed new acute patients to a

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12 Mar 2020

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab Tap into Supercomputing to Help Combat Coronavirus

Researchers have been rushing to release new scientific breakthroughs that are effective in combatting the COVID-19 outbreak. The US Energy Department’s Summit supercomputer has been playing a significant role in these developments. Recently, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where Summit is located, granted researchers emergency computation time to assess a database

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11 Mar 2020

NIH Uses Urgent Award Vehicle for the First Time to Address Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Coronavirus continues to spread new measures are necessary to develop both early detection technologies and vaccines. The pandemic has caused the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)  to initiate the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Urgent Award vehicle for the first time. NIH originally created the

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05 Mar 2020

This AI Software Company Just Raised $20 Million To Help Prevent Physician Burnout

Suki AI has raised over $20 million in its Series B round from Flare Capital Partners, First Round Capital, and Venrock, doubling its funding total to $40 million since its launch in 2017. Suki AI aims to change the medical industry by providing an AI-fueled virtual assistant app for clinicians,

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04 Mar 2020

Israel Applies AI To Healthcare, Building On Leadership In Cybersecurity, Digital Medical Records

The novel coronavirus outbreak has brought medical statistics to attention worldwide, and companies have announced that they are looking into utilizing AI algorithms in patient data to identify unvaccinated high-risk individuals. One of these companies is Medial EarlySign, an Israeli startup that has developed algorithms that are designed to assist

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25 Feb 2020

NASA Tech Could Replace Passwords with Your Heartbeat

On Monday, NASA launched several new technology transfer opportunities for potential medical applications, including new biotechnology. NASA is developing new biometric technology that would potentially eliminate the need for fingerprint, retinal and face scans; a heartbeat system that would become a new biometric technique to verify identity. Called HeartbeatID, NASA

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23 Jan 2020

In-Body Microcomputer Could Help Heart Failure Patients Live Longer

A medical technology company named Vectorious has developed an in-body microcomputer that could improve the quality of life for heart failure patients, allowing them to live longer. The tiny V-LAP sensor is positioned within the heart, providing real-time data to medical professionals. The device is powered by artificial intelligence and

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20 Dec 2019

How Medical AI Can Save Patients From Excessive Exposure To Radiation

The potential of AI to transform the medical industry has received widespread media and public attention, however, some of its specific uses are not well known. A limited number of companies have begun to utilize AI in health care for the purposes of medical imaging, constructing 3D models out of

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