24 Jan 2022

McAfee Bug Can Be Exploited to Gain Windows SYSTEM Privileges

McAfee has recently patched two different high-severity bugs in its Agent component that could be used by attackers to escalate privileges, including up to SYSTEM. The bugs could also allow attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution and perform other malicious actions. The bug lies in the McAfee Enterprise product for

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06 Nov 2020

This hacking group is using previously unknown tools to target defence contractors

McAfee security researchers first released detailed information on Operation North Star earlier this year, highlighting the campaigns conducted by Lazarus Group (Hidden Cobra) targeting defense and aerospace companies in a social engineering and phishing campaign. McAfee’s coverage showed that the campaign was larger than previously thought. In the McAfee report,

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03 Oct 2018

McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities Study 2018: How Hackers Use Celebreties to Drive Traffic to Malicious Sites

McAfee has published the most dangerous celebrities list for 2018, ranking the celebrity names most likely to lead users to malicious sites. Kim Kardashian topped the UK version of the list while actress and supermodel Ruby Rose topped the US list. McAfee highlighted the importance of only streaming video from

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