28 May 2021

NASA’s MOXIE Experiment Is Making Oxygen on Mars

The Mars Perseverance Rover is taking a few hours off from exploring Jezero Crater this weekend so a device can run a chemistry experiment that could make it possible for humans to survive on Mars, and get back home. The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) uses a device

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19 Apr 2021

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Successfully Makes Historic First Flight

On Monday, NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter made history as the first powered craft to fly on another planet. The device was able to overcome extreme cold, dangerously thin air, and flawed flight software to take flight on Mars. The autonomous helicopter rose about 10 feet into Martian air, hovering briefly,

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08 Apr 2021

NASA’s Martian Helicopter Readies for Inaugural Flight on Earth’s Neighbor

NASA is preparing its four-pound space helicopter named ingenuity to attempt the first-ever powered and controlled aircraft flight on a planet that is not Earth. The helicopter has completed some major milestones over the past several weeks after traveling to Mars alongside NASA’s Perseverance Rover in late February. Ingenuity’s goal

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26 Mar 2021

CISA Adds Two Web Shells to Exchange Server Guidance

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure security agency (CISA) updated its’ guidance for ongoing Microsoft Exchange Server security issues. The guidance includes two new Malware Analysis Reports. Both reports are included in the “Mitigate Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities” and identifies a Web shell in compromised exchange servers. CISA

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11 Mar 2021

Updating Defense Intelligence Agency’s Data Base

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) currently uses an old system called the Modernized Intelligence Database (MIDB) to store and retrieve information on foreign intelligence – everything from Country order-of-battles (tanks, airplanes, etc.), infrastructures (runways, ports, etc.) to general foreign military capabilities. They will replace it with a system called the Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System (MARS). As they do, will they leverage the great capabilities of American industry or seek to code things themselves?

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10 Feb 2021

Tianwen-1, China’s mission to Mars, has entered orbit

China’s Tianwen-1 probe has successfully entered into Mar’s orbit as of Wednesday after traveling through space for seven months. The probe is expected to land on the surface and will gather information about the planet’s geological structure, atmosphere, environment, soil, and search for any signs of water. The spacecraft is

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30 Jul 2020

How the Energy Department Is Powering NASA’s Soon-to-Launch Mars Rover

The Energy Department will play a part in NASA’s initiative to sent the Perseverance rover to seek ancient life on Mars. Several of the Energy Department’s national labs will also partake in the venture. The rover has experienced several delays in its launch, however, it is set to launch today

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20 Jul 2020

The UAE has successfully launched the Arab world’s first Mars mission

As of yesterday, the United Arab Emirates became the first country in the Arab world to successfully launch an interplanetary mission. The UAE launched its Hope Probe yesterday, which is en route to Mars after a delay last week due to bad weather. The Hope Probe was launched from Tanegashima

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30 Aug 2019

The DoDIIS Conference: Insights into how IT supports some of the most critical missions in the nation

With this post we provide some insights for OODA members from the 2-5 August 2019 DoDIIS conference. We have aimed this overview for three broad types of decision-makers: 1) The startup tech executive seeking to better serve government missions, 2) Business leaders seeking insights into global risks and mitigation efforts relevant to your organization, and 3) The government leader seeking independent views that could impact your approach to enterprise technology.

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