15 May 2019

Over 460,000 E-Retailer User Accounts Hacked

Between April 23 and May 10, threat actors compromised 461,091 user accounts for the e-commerce portals of Uniqlo and GU, the Japanese company that owns the two brands acknowledged in a statement on Monday. Fast Retailing Co., the biggest retail firm in Asia, said that hackers managed to obtain access

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08 Apr 2019

Industry 4.0 at Risk as Manufacturers Fail to Patch

A new Trend Micro report underscores the poor state of security in the manufacturing sector. The study found that old and outdated operating systems with serious security shortcomings prevail in the industry. Windows 10 is running on a mere 29% of machines in the sector, while 60.2% still run Windows

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11 Dec 2018

Factories in the U.S. Are Posting Job Openings Like Never Before

In spite of the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S., a broader uptick in manufacturing jobs and goods in aggregate has resulted in growth across some sectors not seen for nearly two decades. “The job openings rate for the durable-goods manufacturing industry reached 4 percent in October, a

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