07 Jul 2021

Cloud Cryptomining Swindle in Google Play Rakes in Cash

According to Lookout, at least 25 different apps available in the Google Play store have lured thousands of victims into downloading malicious applications that promise to help users gain cash through crypto mining. The Android apps are estimated to have scammed more than 93,400 victims to date, totaling roughly $350,000

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18 Jan 2021

Google Boots 164 Apps from Play Marketplace for Shady Ad Practices

Google has removed roughly 164 malicious Andriod apps that have been downloaded a total of 10 million times from its Google Play marketplace. Google’s reasoning behind removing the apps is that they were delivering malicious and disruptive advertisements. The move is similar to last year’s crackdown on out-of-context ads. The

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30 Nov 2020

Banned Baidu Apps Exposed ‘Sensitive’ Data On Millions Of Android Phones

According to security researchers, two apps made by Chinese tech giant Baidu were leaking sensitive user data that left millions vulnerable to surveillance or cybercrime. The two apps are known to be Baidu Maps and the Baidu App, both of which were removed from the Google Play store last month

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25 Aug 2020

Malicious Chinese SDK In 1,200 iOS Apps With Billions Of Installs Causing ‘Major Privacy Concerns To Hundreds Of Millions Of Consumers’

New research uncovers shocking information that a Chinese ad network called Mintegral has been spying on user activity and committing ad fraud through over 1,200 applications. The applications have over 300 million installs per month since July of 2019, meaning that this issue likely impacts billions of total app installs

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24 Jul 2020

Malicious ‘Blur’ Photo App Campaign Discovered on Google Play

Researchers at the White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team have uncovered a new campaign consisting of malicious photo apps on Google Play. The malicious apps flood Android devices with random ads aiming to compromise the victim’s device rather than functioning as advertised. According to researchers, the app also

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21 Jan 2020

Android Users Beware: These Top Camera Apps May Secretly Be Spying On You

The latest warning issued to consumers downloading apps that require camera access off of the Play Store has come from the research team at CyberNews. The reports expose the camera apps that boast billions of downloads, yet could be stealing user information. The team stated that the apps may spy

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