21 Jul 2022

Magecart Supply Chain Attacks Hit Hundreds of Restaurants

Security researchers have identified two seperate Magecart campaigns that target online ordering platforms. The campaigns are designed by the attackers for financial gain and the Magecart e-skimming software possesses the ability to exfiltrate card details. So far, the campaign has affected at least 311 US restaurants by injecting the software

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31 May 2022

Study Warns That Shadow Code on External JavaScript Libraries Pose a Serious Supply Chain Risk

Israeli cybersecurity firm Source Defense analyzed the supply chain risk posed by shadow code on third- and fourth-party scripts on major businesses’ websites. Third-party scripts and open source JavaScript libraries assist development teams in adding advanced functionality to web applications without writing or maintaining code. They allow developers to improve user interaction,

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23 Nov 2021

Over 4000 UK Retailers Compromised by Magecart Attacks

The UK government has reported that 4,000 UK-based online businesses have been infected with digital skimming code. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) informed the compromised online retailers up until the end of September, many of which were infected with the popular Magento e-commerce software. The NCSC stated that it

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04 Nov 2021

Magecart Credit Card Skimmer Avoids VMs to Fly Under the Radar

According to security researchers, a new Magecart threat actor is using a browser script to evade detection and increase attack success, seeking to steal credit card information. The threat group is stealing payment card information using a digital skimmer equipped with a unique method of bypassing virtual machines. Malwarebytes was

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01 Dec 2020

Magecart Attack Convincingly Hijacks PayPal Transactions at Checkout

A new credit card skimmer is utilizing postMessage to create convincing PayPal transactions that are illegitimate and steal payment data. The new credit card skimming campaign comes during the holiday season when more customers are using e-commerce sites and shopping online. The malicious process hijacks PayPal transactions during checkout, causing

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15 Sep 2020

Magecart Attack Impacts More Than 10K Online Shoppers

One of the largest known Magecart campaigns in history occurred over the weekend, impacting nearly 2,000 e-commerce sites. The attacks may have been a result of Magecart operators leveraging a zero-day exploit, however, the exact technicalities of the attack remain unknown. The campaign has affected tens of thousands of customers,

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06 Jul 2020

North Korean hackers linked to credit card stealing attacks on US stores

Research released earlier today connects North Korean nation-state hacking group Lazarus to a campaign that lasted over a year and targeted payment card information of customers of large US and European based retailers. The group allegedly used legitimate websites to exfiltrate stolen credit card data from the companies, known as

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09 Jun 2020

More S3 Buckets Compromised with Magecart and Malicious Redirector

RiskIQ has discovered that Magecart and malicious redirector codes are lurking in misconfigured S3 buckets. Security researchers have warned website owners to check cloud storage resources, verify that their configurations are appropriate. On May 12, the RiskIQ team found Magecart code rising on all three websites run by Endeavor Business

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18 Mar 2020

Magecart Cyberattack Targets NutriBullet Website

A Magecart group has taken over NutriBullet’s website, installing skimmers across the site that aim to steal customer payment card data. Researchers warned the public about the security risk, stating that it was likely Magecart Group 8 behind the cybercrime. A researcher with RiskIQ stated on Wednesday that a JavaScript

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26 Feb 2020

Credit Card Skimmer Running on 13 Sites, Despite Notification

MageCart is a generic name for attackers that inject a script that steals customer payment details in eCommerce sites. MageCart Group 12 has claimed 40 new victims through infecting various shopping websites with information-stealing JavaScript. MageCart Group 12 is just one of the threat actors involved in this type of

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