13 Jun 2022

Left surge threatens Macron majority in French election

  French President Emmanuel Macron is at risk of losing his majority after a challenge from left-wing parties in National Assembly elections this weekend. Jean-Luc’s Mélenchon’s let-green alliance and Macron’s Ensemble finished neck and neck in terms of votes cast in Sunday’s first round of elections.  Next week is the

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25 Apr 2022

French election result: Macron defeats Le Pen and vows to unite divided France

Emmanual Macron won five more years as France’s president over Rivval Marine Le Pen. The election results were 58.55% to 41.45%. Macron promised he would be a president for all. He is the first sitting president in 20 years to be reelected.  Le Pen felt that her vote share still

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11 Apr 2022

Macron targets Le Pen as run-off campaign begins

Emmanuel Macron is seeking re-election in France’s upcoming Presidential elections and has recently taken on Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential run-off. Marine Le Pen is one of France’s far-right candidates in this election cycle. Macron made his first visit to a Le Pen stronghold located at Denain, one of

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17 Dec 2020

France’s Emmanuel Macron tests positive for Covid-19, sending other European leaders into quarantine

On Thursday, the office of Emmanual Macron, sitting French president, disclosed that he had tested positive for Covid-19 after experiencing symptoms. Macron is planning on self-isolating for a week after being tested at the onset of early symptoms. Macron will continue to work and lead the country remotely, according to

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02 Jan 2020

A milestone for French rail strikes: 29th day of walkouts

After 29 consecutive days of walkouts, French rail strikes against Macron’s administration outlasts historic walkouts, surpassing the length of the strikes in the 1980s. Individuals protesting government plans to reform France’s retirement system have faced tear gas, arrest, and violence as police attempt to quell violent uprisings although the majority

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20 Jun 2018

Merkel, Macron announce landmark EU deal

Under the deal, the EU will create a single eurozone budget for investment and the promotion of economic convergence within its 19 member states. The bill also covered banking provisions and immigration, with Merkel and Macron announcing efforts for greater solidarity among EU states to coordinate European responses and reduce

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