04 Mar 2019

US Military Changing ‘Killing Machine’ Robo-tank Program After Controversy

The US Department of Defense is making changes to its request for information on the Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System, or ATLAS, which states that the program aims to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide “ground combat vehicles with the capability to acquire, identify, and engage targets at least 3X

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27 Feb 2019

Securing AI – Four Areas to Focus on Right Now

Given that we know AI and Machine Learning will be impactful in the enterprise, modern organizations would do well to develop an approach for securing their AI assets now.

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26 Feb 2019

DARPA wants robots that humans will trust

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced its Competency-Aware Machine Learning (CAML) program, which aims to “develop machine learning systems that continuously assess their own performance in time-critical, dynamic situations and communicate that information to human team-members in an easily understood format.” The idea behind this is

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21 Feb 2019

What alchemy and astrology can teach artificial intelligence researchers

Artificial intelligence (AI) research is rapidly bringing us closer to a new technological revolution. However, Computer Science professor Ben Shneiderman of the University of Maryland believes that in order to get the best out of this technology, researchers and engineers should be careful not to repeat the mistakes of legitimate scientists who got sidetracked

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18 Feb 2019

AI text generator too dangerous to release, say creators

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research group co-founded by Elon Musk, has created AI software that is not only capable of writing coherent articles and texts, but can actually mimic the writing style of specific individuals, including professional journalists if it is fed articles written by them. While the OpenAI team has

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15 Feb 2019

AI must tackle the sparsity challenge, says Landing AI’s Gopi Prashanth

According to Gopi Prashanth of AI-startup Landing AI, one of the major challenges in the development of AI and machine learning is to teach machines to generalize based on small data samples in situations where relevant data is sparse. Currently, deep learning enables machines to learn from massive amounts of

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29 Jan 2019

The Pentagon Wants to Stop Enemies From ‘Poisoning’ AI

Through a “Guaranteeing AI Robustness against Deception” program, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to guard against malicious manipulation of A.I. systems. In its project solicitation, DARPA writes that “the growing sophistication and ubiquity of ML [Machine Learning] components in advanced systems dramatically…increases opportunities for new, potentially

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28 Jan 2019

Why Google, Infosys & Amazon Are Betting High On Open-Source AI

American tech giants Google and Amazon, along with the Indian Infosys, are increasingly “open-sourcing” their artificial intelligence projects. This approach, in contrast to the more competitive and secretive approach being pursued by many companies China, may help to reduce some risks of A.I. and improve development of the entire field.

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11 Jan 2019

Can AI Explain Its Choices? Google Brain Scientists Developing a Translator for Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning technology has allowed deep-learning networks to teach themselves how to perform highly complicated tasks like driving, spotting insurance fraud, and making complex health diagnoses. This tremendous complexity, however, prevents people from understanding how much, if not all, of the decision processes work. A researcher with Google Brain is

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18 Sep 2018

By 2025, Machines Will Do More Work Than Humans, a New Report Says

A World Economic Forum report projects that machines will perform over half of all “work tasks” by 2025. Currently standing at 29% of work tasks today, the estimated change will displace 75 million jobs by 2022, while an estimated 133 million new jobs will be created over the same period.

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