19 Feb 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Law: Helping Lawyers While Avoiding Biased Algorithms

Many experts warn that the use of artificial intelligence creates several challenges regarding biases, especially when employed in a legal setting. AI learns from data that perpetuates existing human biases, creating machines that also hold these biases. There have been several issues with machine learning applied to human resource systems,

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12 Feb 2020

Eyeing Amazon, 7-Eleven Tests A Cashierless Store

7-Eleven, a US convenience store giant, announced yesterday that they are testing a new system at their corporate headquarters in Texas in which their stores will not have cashiers. Instead, the program will only accept payment through the mobile app to check into the store, pay for items, and receive

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11 Feb 2020

Deep Learning Has Limits. But Its Commercial Impact Has Just Begun.

In recent months, the limitations of deep learning have been questioned by the AI community. Throughout several platforms, notably Twitter and the premier AI conference NeurIPS, AI researchers have discussed deep learning’s shortcomings. Today’s neural networks will eventually face boundaries in their abilities and usage. One researcher stated that although

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30 Jan 2020

AI Driven Biomarkers Could Help Prevent Age-Related Diseases

Biomarker technology is currently being developed to prevent age-related diseases. Biomarkers are used to predict biological age, indicative of a person’s state of health. Biomarkers are being integrated with AI and machine learning techniques, aiming to extend healthspan and prevent diseases developed at old age. Biomarkers are the primary metric

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15 Jan 2020

NASA And Amazon Are Teaming Up To Build An App That Can Predict Solar Superstorms

Amazon announced a collaboration with NASA that aims to predict solar superstorms through machine learning applications. Superstorms are rare, therefore there are very few historical examples that can be used in the algorithm training process. Amazon’s AWS Professional Services and Machine Learning Solutions Lab have stated that they will use

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02 Jan 2020

The Pentagon Wants AI-Driven Drone Swarms for Search and Rescue Ops

The Defense Department’s central artificial intelligence development effort is planning on building a swarm of AI-equipped drones that can independently track and identify targets. The drone force would primarily be used for search and rescue missions and potentially save lives. The Pentagon’s JAIC issued a request for information recently in

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31 Oct 2019

2020 is the Year Data Gets Weaponized

A new Forrester report projects how the cyber threat landscape is likely to evolve in the coming years. The picture it paints of the near future is grim, to say the least. The researchers project that it might not be long before “evil can adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning

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30 Oct 2019

DISA Is Looking to Buy AI-Powered Cyber Defenses

The US Department of Defense plans to bolster its cybersecurity defenses by adopting automated cybersecurity solutions that rely on machine learning. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced last week that it “desires to leverage commercially available technology to strengthen its ability to detect and thwart cyber-attacks in real-time before

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15 Oct 2019

AI development has major security, privacy and ethical blind spots

A recent survey by O’Reilly sheds light on common risk blind spots of artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine learning (ML) developers. The most glaring oversight is security, with nearly three in four (73%) respondents acknowledging that they do not test their models for security flaws during development. Other issues that are commonly

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03 Sep 2019

China’s Red-Hot Face-Swapping App Provokes Privacy Concern

Once again, a popular mobile app for generating deepfakes, i.e. images or videos doctored by artificial intelligence (AI), has prompted a major privacy backlash. Since last weekend, Chinese face-swap app Zao has taken China’s iOS store by storm. The app can generate deepfakes of scenes from popular movies and TV-shows

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