11 Jan 2019

Can AI Explain Its Choices? Google Brain Scientists Developing a Translator for Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning technology has allowed deep-learning networks to teach themselves how to perform highly complicated tasks like driving, spotting insurance fraud, and making complex health diagnoses. This tremendous complexity, however, prevents people from understanding how much, if not all, of the decision processes work. A researcher with Google Brain is

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18 Sep 2018

By 2025, Machines Will Do More Work Than Humans, a New Report Says

A World Economic Forum report projects that machines will perform over half of all “work tasks” by 2025. Currently standing at 29% of work tasks today, the estimated change will displace 75 million jobs by 2022, while an estimated 133 million new jobs will be created over the same period.

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07 Feb 2017

Our Science Fiction Cyber Future

“The cybersecurity industry is currently enamored with concepts of autonomous defense, including elements of machine learning, behavioral analytics, and artificial intelligence—and rightly so. Programed to be able to study all vulnerabilities in the public domain, autonomous bots (autbots)—not to be confused with bots simply conducting repetitive tasks like guessing default

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