29 Jan 2021

MIT’s oncological risk AI calculates cancer chances regardless of race

In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are shaping cancer treatment and diagnoses. The smart technology can understand X-rays and rapidly generate MRIs, aiding doctors in spotting areas of concern when it comes to cancer. The systems have proven effective at detecting early signs of breast cancer

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02 Dec 2020

This Company Uses AI to Outwit Malicious AI

Startup Robust Intelligence is experimenting with AI and how to mitigate the risks posed by malicious AI. Robust Intelligence is responding to threats of attacks on commercial AI algorithms, with the first one being reported in 2019 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As AI continues to be

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19 Nov 2020

UN and Europol Warn of Growing AI Cyber-Threat

Europol and the UN have released an alarming new report detailing how cybercriminals use malicious targeting and abuse of artificial intelligence to conduct cyberattacks. The report predicts that AI will become increasingly popular among adversaries, who will utilize it both as an attack vector and surface. Threat actors are seeking

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16 Nov 2020

AI, ML Tech ‘Needed Today’ to Enhance Decision-Making Process at the Edge, DOD Officials Say

Earlier this week, Pentagon officials announced that they were seeking ways to capitalize on the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence for automating the decision making processes from a tactical standpoint. In 2019, the Defense Department released a digital modernization strategy that highlighted the uses of AI and machine

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12 Nov 2020

Amazon Says Alexa Can Predict ‘Latent’ Requests—Even If You Don’t Say Them

Amazon has stated that its in-home voice assistant technology Alexa can anticipate and respond to user requests that are not explicitly stated, called a latent request. The company made the announcement on Wednesday, and critics have already called the new feature creepy and have expressed concerns over privacy violations over

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31 Aug 2020

Algorithms Help Spot Possible Suicidal Intent Among Veterans’ Social Posts

A new social media platform that is designed to connect both active and retired US Military members has now been outfitted with a new custom machine learning model that can allegedly predict signs of potential self-harm or suicidal intent. The algorithm assesses posts made on the platform and identifies those

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26 Aug 2020

Air Force Taps Machine Learning to Speed Up Flight Certifications

The US Air Force is searching for ways to combine machine learning and other technologies in order to speed up the flight certification process. Machine learning has already played a role in how the Air Force office analyzes and certifies flight configurations, however, this would be a critical step in

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12 Aug 2020

Police Facial Recognition Use Unlawful—U.K. Court Of Appeal Makes Landmark Ruling

UK’s Court of Appeals recently ruled that law enforcement use of facial recognition technology is unlawful, citing privacy rights and data protection breaches as well as biases within the technologies that may discriminate on the grounds of race or sex. According to industry experts, the technology presents a unique risk

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10 Aug 2020

A British AI Tool to Predict Violent Crime Is Too Flawed to Use

A new artificial intelligence system created in the UK that is designed to predict gun and knife violence contains serious flaws that render the technology unusable, according to researchers. The local police have admitted that the device’s error rate lead to large drops in accuracy among officers, and the system

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13 Jul 2020

Walter Reed Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Screen Drugs to Potentially Treat COVID-19

The development of new medicine typically takes years to meet requirements and ensure that the drug is viable and ready for public use, however, scientists within the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have been experimenting with high-tech tools to aid the global search for a COVID-19 treatment and vaccine.

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