13 Jul 2020

Walter Reed Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Screen Drugs to Potentially Treat COVID-19

The development of new medicine typically takes years to meet requirements and ensure that the drug is viable and ready for public use, however, scientists within the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have been experimenting with high-tech tools to aid the global search for a COVID-19 treatment and vaccine.

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27 May 2020

Agriculture Industry Moves Forward Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Crop Management

The agriculture industry has been seeking new AI solutions to improve crop management and other facets of farming to produce more efficient yields. Aerial imaging has been used for decades to detect diseases in crops, however, AI is being introduced to this common practice to push the agriculture industry into

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14 May 2020

USPTO Adds Company to $50M Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Contract

On Monday, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) announced that it was awarded a $50 million contract through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The contract was awarded through USPTO’s Intelligent Automation and Innovation Support Services blanket purchase agreement. GDIT is one of more than a dozen companies that the

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13 May 2020

Amazon Launches Kendra To Solve Enterprise Search With AI

After first announcing its release of Amazon Kendra last December, Amazon has now declared the general availability of the AI and machine learning-powered enterprise search service. The technology will not be generally available to all AWS customers. With Amazon Kendra, the company aims to boost enterprise search efficiency through modern

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07 Apr 2020

How a New AI Translated Brain Activity to Speech With 97 Percent Accuracy

researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have developed technology that can translate brain signals into complete sentences with error rates as low as three percent. Although part of speech have been decoded from brain signals for roughly a decade, the solutions have been far from perfect as they

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09 Mar 2020

Prosthetic Offers Real-Time Mind Control of Robotic Hand

Scientists have figured out how to tap nerves and amplify their signals to create precise finger control in robotic hands using muscle grafts around nerve endings and brain-machine interface algorithms. This is groundbreaking technology for individuals with amputations. This approach to amplifying nerve signals is unique because it allows lets

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19 Feb 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Law: Helping Lawyers While Avoiding Biased Algorithms

Many experts warn that the use of artificial intelligence creates several challenges regarding biases, especially when employed in a legal setting. AI learns from data that perpetuates existing human biases, creating machines that also hold these biases. There have been several issues with machine learning applied to human resource systems,

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12 Feb 2020

Eyeing Amazon, 7-Eleven Tests A Cashierless Store

7-Eleven, a US convenience store giant, announced yesterday that they are testing a new system at their corporate headquarters in Texas in which their stores will not have cashiers. Instead, the program will only accept payment through the mobile app to check into the store, pay for items, and receive

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11 Feb 2020

Deep Learning Has Limits. But Its Commercial Impact Has Just Begun.

In recent months, the limitations of deep learning have been questioned by the AI community. Throughout several platforms, notably Twitter and the premier AI conference NeurIPS, AI researchers have discussed deep learning’s shortcomings. Today’s neural networks will eventually face boundaries in their abilities and usage. One researcher stated that although

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30 Jan 2020

AI Driven Biomarkers Could Help Prevent Age-Related Diseases

Biomarker technology is currently being developed to prevent age-related diseases. Biomarkers are used to predict biological age, indicative of a person’s state of health. Biomarkers are being integrated with AI and machine learning techniques, aiming to extend healthspan and prevent diseases developed at old age. Biomarkers are the primary metric

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