06 Dec 2021

Quality in, quality out: how to get a machine learning platform humming

Machine Learning is often presented as the cutting edge of what we can currently achieve with technology. A lot of innovation and progress is coming from the fields of data science and machine learning, but a lot of the language around the topic is filled with jargon and is aimed

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01 Dec 2021

The 10 Hottest Machine Learning And Data Science Startups In 2021

Businesses today are struggling to leverage exploding volumes of data for competitive advantage. To meet that challenge, data engineers and data scientists are increasingly turning to emerging technologies in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and even deep learning to prepare and organize big data and develop the machine learning

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23 Nov 2021

Meet TinyML: The Latest Machine Learning Tech Having An Outsize Business Impact

As device sensors proliferate across every company’s value chain – from new product development through inspection, tracking, and delivery – tinyML is surfacing to provide actionable insights, transforming business as we know it. There are sound economic reasons for all this interest and activity. McKinsey researchers predict IoT will have

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19 Nov 2021

Why optimizing machine learning models is important

As more enterprises break into edge AI, practitioners of the fast-growing technology are trying to meet the challenges of optimizing machine learning for small devices. At the Edge AI conference this week, experts from Ford Motor Company, Panasonic AI Lab and XMOS explored ways optimizing AI models can enable TinyML —

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16 Nov 2021

Big data privacy for machine learning just got 100 times cheaper

Rice University computer scientists have discovered an inexpensive way for tech companies to implement a rigorous form of personal data privacy when using or sharing large databases for machine learning. “There are many cases where machine learning could benefit society if data privacy could be ensured,” said Anshumali Shrivastava, an

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12 Nov 2021

What Machine Learning Can Do for Security

Machine learning can be applied in various ways in security, for instance, in malware analysis, to make predictions, and for clustering security events. It can also be used to detect previously unknown attacks with no established signature. Wendy Edwards, a software developer interested in the intersection of cybersecurity and data science,

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08 Nov 2021

Improving Machine Learning With Big Data-Driven Algorithms

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers examined the issue of shortcuts in a popular machine learning method and proposed a solution forcing the model to use more data in its decision-making to avoid pitfalls. By removing simpler characteristics, researchers can redirect the model’s focus to more complex features of the data that

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04 Nov 2021

Oracle’s new cloud AI services aim to bring out-of-the-box machine learning to the SMB masses

Oracle has announced the availability of six new AI services for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. Designed for out-of-the-box operation, Oracle said that the new services will “make it easier for developers to apply AI services to their applications without requiring data science expertise,” which is sure to be welcomed

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02 Nov 2021

Machine Learning: How to use machine learning algorithms to supercharge your business

Machine Learning (ML) has become an important aspect of modern business and research since the term was first coined in 1952 by computer scientist Arthur Samuels. Based on Donald Hebb’s 1949 model of brain interaction, in the past 70 years the technology has gone from a computer beating a human

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29 Oct 2021

Machine learning can revolutionize healthcare, but it also carries legal risks

As machine learning and artificial intelligence have become ubiquitous in healthcare, questions have arisen about their potential impacts. And as Matt Fisher, general counsel for the virtual care platform Carium, pointed out, those potential impacts can, in turn, leave organizations open to possible liabilities. “It’s still an emerging area,” Fisher explained

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