05 Jul 2022

AI/ML-enabled Systems for Strategy and Judgment and the Future of Human-Computer-Data Interaction Design

In the recent paper “Prediction and Judgment: Why Artificial Intelligence Increases the Importance of Humans in War” the OODA loop is referenced in the following manner:

“Feedback from actions produces more data, which can be used for more predictions and decisions or to reinterpret judgment. The so-called OODA loop in military doctrine captures the same ideas. Decision cycles govern all kinds of decision tasks, from the trivial  (picking up a pencil) to the profound (mobilizing for war).  The abstract decision model [OODA Loop]  is agnostic about implementation, which means that the logic of decision might be implemented with organic, organizational, or technological components.”

For business leaders, this paper offers very interesting insights into different types of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) implementations – and the risk implicit in AI-enabled systems for strategy, decision-making, and judgment.

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