12 Oct 2020

Scores detained during protests in Belarus

In Belarus, hundreds were arrested amid protests against the country’s now-notorious authoritarian leader, Alexander Lukashenko. For the 10th consecutive Sunday, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in the capital city of Minsk, demanding that the presidential elections be re-held due to rumors of the vote being rigged in favor of

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23 Sep 2020

President of Belarus inaugurated despite election protests

On Wednesday, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko assumed office to serve his sixth term in the position despite controversy and protests over the elections, which many claimed were skewed in his favor. The inauguration ceremony’s date was kept a secret due to the weeks of mass protests leading up to the

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22 Sep 2020

EU Hardens Stance Toward Belarus Leader Amid Talks on Sanctions

Among members of the EU, opposition to Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko is growing as the organization looks to toughen its response to the country’s current political crisis that ensued after the recent presidential elections in which Lukashenko, the incumbent, won. The EU is allegedly considering imposing a travel ban and

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02 Sep 2020

Belarusian Journalists Face Charges for Covering Protests

On Wednesday, dozens of journalists gathered outside a police station in Belarus to protest the detention of fellow journalists covering protests outside government buildings. The protests have been occurring for several days now, sparked by the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko. Many members of Belarus’s opposition party claim that the election

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31 Aug 2020

Strike leader detained in Belarus as crackdown continues

On Monday, authorities in Belarus arrested a top opposition party leader who organized a strike at a major industrial plant. Many Belarusians claim that this was an attempt to stifle weeks of protests against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled over the country for 26 years. Opposition members

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18 Aug 2020

Belarus leader says there won’t be new elections ‘until you kill me’ as protesters rally against strongman

After a tumultuous week of criticism, protests, and a highly contested election, Belarus’s leader Alexander Lukashenko has now stated that there will not be new elections “until you kill me.” In a video shared by local news outlets, Lukashenko made the comment while visiting a factory in Minsk on Monday

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17 Aug 2020

Tens of thousands gather in Minsk to protest, as Lukashenko holds rival demonstration

In Belarus, thousands of protestors gathered to protest Lukashenko’s re-election, which many claim was skewed in favor of the incumbent, who has ruled over the country for 26 years. The protestors marched through Minsk on Sunday, demanding a new and fair presidential election. Lukashenko’s victory in the election last Sunday

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