26 Oct 2020

Australia’s coronavirus epicenter records no new cases as the US and Western Europe struggle to contain the pandemic

This week, Melbourne will be rid of its harsh lockdown measures after it became the epicenter of Australia’s COVID-19 epidemic. On Sunday, the Victoria state health department reported no new cases or deaths due to the infectious virus for the first time in over four months. Although restrictions on the

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23 Oct 2020

Tens of millions across Europe brace for tough new restrictions as coronavirus cases soar

Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Europe, tens of millions are preparing to endure tougher restrictions enacted over the weekend. A two-week lockdown will occur in Wales, in which everybody is required by law to remain home except for essential travel. New restrictions are also in place as of this

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14 Oct 2020

New Europe restrictions imposed to fight second wave

In Europe, new waves of COVID-19 outbreaks have prompted several countries to re-consider imposing lockdown measures that were previously lifted. For example, the Czech Republic has shut down its schools and bars, while Dutch cafes and restaurants are set to close. France is considering imposing curfews while European governments struggle

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05 Oct 2020

Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum

In France, the capital city of Paris is planning on shutting down all bars on Tuesday after several COVID-19 outbreaks occurred within the city. Paris will also be raising the alert level to the maximum possible after several days of high infection rates and newly reported cases. In an effort

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21 Sep 2020

Israel Enforces New Covid-19 Lockdown Amid Rosh Hashana Celebrations

In Israel, renewed COVID-19 outbreaks have pushed government authorities to re-impose lockdown measures and procedures previously in place at the height of the virus’s impact within the country. The new developments come amid the Jewish New Year holiday, Rosh Hashana. The Israeli police have fined thousands of people for violating

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17 Sep 2020

As Coronavirus Rebounds, Europe Rejects New Lockdowns

Across Europe, countries are being hit with a second wave of COVID-19 infections following re-opening procedures, however, governments have been avoiding large-scale lockdowns, seeking instead to enact less disruptive measures to combat the virus. France and Spain are leading in terms of the resurgence in cases across Europe, which may

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14 Sep 2020

Israel to Shut Down Again as Second Coronavirus Wave Hits

As of Friday, Israel has become the first country to re-instate a nationwide lockdown due to a second wave of COVID-19 infections. The Israeli government has been struggling to contain the outbreak, which has had negative effects on the economy and the political climate. The lockdown will allegedly last until

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16 Jul 2020

India virus cases surge nearly 32,700, beach state shut anew

India has been suffering through a new wave of COVID-19 cases, with the total number of infections surging by 32,695 as of Thursday. This brings the nation close to one million total cases. The renewed outbreaks have caused several areas to re-implement lockdown measures, particularly in the western beach state

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06 Jul 2020

Australia to seal off 6.6 million people in virus-hit state as outbreak worsens

Australia has announced plans to isolate 6.6 million residents in the state of Victoria from the rest of the nation following an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the region. Australian authorities’ plans show drastic and immediate action after cases were recorded in the city of Melbourne. The border between

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23 Jun 2020

Germany imposes fresh lockdown after coronavirus outbreak at meat factory

Following a huge outbreak of COVID-19 at a meat processing facility in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, the entire region has re-entered a lockdown similar to the one imposed on a national level earlier this year. The district of Guetersloh is home to more than 360,000 people and will face restrictions over

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