03 Aug 2022

Bangladesh turns to ADB, World Bank for funds

The government of Bangladesh has sought assistance from both the World Bank and Asian Development Bank to increase its foreign exchange reserves. The government wrote letters to both entities requesting $1 billion to help the economy. The economy in Bangladesh has been struggling since the effects of the war in

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26 Jul 2022

Bangladesh seeks $4.5bn IMF loan as forex reserves shrink

Bangladesh joined its South Asian neighbors Pakistan and Sri Lanka in seeking help with the increasing pressure on their economies. Bangladesh has requested a $4.5bn loan from the International Monetary Fund for balance of payments and budgetary needs, along with efforts to address climate change.  The Finance Minister A H

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23 Mar 2022

Li Finance protocol loses $600,000 in latest DeFi exploit

The Li Finance swap aggregator has experienced a smart contract exploit leading to the loss of around $600,000 from 29 users’ wallets. The exploit took place at 2:51 am UTC on Sunday. The attacker was able to extract varying amounts of 10 different tokens from wallets that had given “infinite approval”

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