28 Sep 2022

Mergeflow CEO and OODA Network Member Florian Wolf on “Small Data” (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this interview, we checked in with Mergeflow CEO and OODA Network Member Florian Wolf about all things machine learning and small data.

In Part 2, we continue the conversation with Florian spanning a wide range of topics, including the real-life lessons of machine learning innovation, the centrality of data, problem-solving over performance as the competitive advantage while developing ML systems, leading a team, what keeps him up at night, what he is tracking and what he is excited and hopeful about in the future.

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27 May 2022

What Leaders Need To Know About Blockchain

If you’re anywhere near the tech or financial space, you’ve likely been hearing terms like DeFi, blockchain, and smart contracts more and more frequently. Ever since cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies came on the scene, they’ve been the subject of much speculation and debate among engineers and business leaders. Some tech

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11 Mar 2022

Leadership, Management, Decisionmaking and Intelligence

We continue our effort to underscore certain patterns and themes found throughout the OODAcast library of over 80 conversations with leaders and decision-makers, on topics such as leadership, empowering a team, finding the right people, clear decision-making while operating in a low information environment, the qualities and best practices of a true leader,  the future of intelligence, the future of cyber threats and cyber espionage and strategic action.

In October of 2020, Bob Gourley had a conversation with Rear Admiral Paul Becker, USN (Retired).  This conversation with Admiral Becker covers his Navy career, leadership, management, decisionmaking, intelligence, and the future of the intelligence community.

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23 Feb 2022

The Importance of Humanized Autonomous Decision-Making in AI

Advanced automation technologies like artificial intelligence, coupled with data generated from the internet, smart devices and social networks, are making it easier than ever to off-load real-time decision making from humans to algorithms. This is more than just recommending your next television show to binge, Instead, it is evidence that we

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16 Feb 2022

Mapping a sound AI business strategy across a landscape of uncertainty

Artificial intelligence (AI) – once the stuff of science fiction – is now part of everyday life. From tracking weather patterns, mapping traffic routes and recommending products for purchase, to improving food production and healthcare, smart technologies are leveraging the power of AI in an ever-increasing number of ways. AI

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07 Feb 2022

How An AI System Can Predict Critical Events And Help Reduce Their Impact

Over the last two years, we’ve experienced increasingly persistent and worsening critical events globally — catastrophic weather, civil unrest, the pandemic, cyberattacks. According to a Forrester study commissioned by my company, OnSolve, 99% of organizations experienced a critical event in the last 18 months, and over half believe their organizations

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03 Feb 2022

How Leadership Will Evolve in 2022

One thing all great leaders have in common is that they are constantly learning to adapt to change. And with continuing uncertainty in the workplace brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s business leaders must be available, empathetic, and committed to offering their employees a chance to reflect on their

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31 Jan 2022

Human Borgs: How Artificial Intelligence Can Kill Creativity And Make Us Dumber

For decades, scientists and tech visionaries have envisioned a day when computers become so powerful that they become smarter than the human race. There is no shortage of science fiction stories and movies about robot uprisings. We are very far from that scary scenario, but at the same time, artificial

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24 Jan 2022

The never-ending effort to bake common business sense into artificial intelligence

Can common business sense be programmed into AI? Many are certainly trying to do just that. But there are decisions that often require a level of empathy — let alone common sense — that may be too difficult to embed into algorithms. In addition, while AI and machine learning are

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17 Jan 2022

Investing in American Dynamism

Last year when we announced Katherine joining the team, we used the term “American Dynamism” but left it largely undefined. Today, she has published our thesis: “Building American Dynamism”. It explains why we believe there’s never been a better time to build companies that support the national interest and solve

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