26 Aug 2022

How the Market, Not Government, Regulates Cryptocurrency Crimes

While policymakers have been busy formulating sweeping changes and regulators have been busy debating jurisdiction, some participants in the cryptocurrency industry have been busy regulating the space themselves. And considering that all too often the word “regulation” follows the word “government,” we shouldn’t be too quick to overlook the fact

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26 Jul 2022

CFTC Announces New Tech Innovation Office to Oversee Crypto

The regulator which could soon be responsible for more of the US’s crypto oversight is beefing up its technology team, the agency’s chief said on Monday. The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which stands to gain greater authority over digital assets under the proposals of a bipartisan congressional bill, is

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08 Jul 2022

Navigating Contractual Relationships in the NFT Market

Participants in the fast-moving – but legally uncertain – non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace can maximize their business opportunities and mitigate risk by delineating their specific role early and clearly defining where their obligations begin and where their responsibilities end. Understanding and defining your role, and the role of your counterparties,

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30 Jun 2022

Reuters and Google Provide Context on How Mercenary Hackers Sway Litigation Battles

The cybersecurity community has watched the rise of businesses that take money to do inappropriate things for years. Now new expositions by inteligence and security professionals at Google and seasoned journalists at Reuters shed new light on how this activity has evolved. From Reuters: Bodyguard Carlo Pacileo was under mounting

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12 Jan 2021

India’s Top Court Suspends Farm Laws That Prompted Massive Protests

Farmers in India have been protesting due to the new, market-oriented rules. The highest court in India stopped the implementation of the new laws on Tuesday. The laws are suspended until government officials, a committee of experts and farmers can find a solution to the dispute. The farmers have been

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11 Nov 2020

The UAE takes steps towards modernization by decriminalizing alcohol and suicide

The United Arab Emirates has taken a step towards modernization and has removed penal laws regarding alcohol consumption and suicide. The move is part of a year-long bid to modernize the country and promote progressive Islam. The country announced over the weekend that it had effectively decriminalized alcohol and suicide.

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