01 Jul 2022

Kyiv says 18 killed in Odesa strikes

Russia has launched missile strikes on residential areas in Ukraine’s Odesa region in the southwest. The strikes have killed at least 18 people, including 2 children. Moscow is denying carrying out the strikes.  The strikes occurred one day after Russia announced the removal of its troops from the Black Sea

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17 Jun 2022

EU leaders back immediate candidate status for Kyiv

France, Germany, Italy and Romania have backed Ukraine’s bid to join the EU, and support giving the country immediate candidate status. Ukraine would still be required to meet the accession criteria in full. French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that the EU would stand by Ukraine until its victory against Russia. 

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29 Apr 2022

Missiles hit Kyiv during U.N. chief’s visit; Russia makes slow gains in east

Five Russian missiles hit the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, at the end of U.N Secretary General António Guterres’ visit. During his visit, Guterres met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and called the war an absurdity. Russia confirmed on Friday that it had targeted Kyiv in operations. Russia is making slow

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09 Mar 2022

Ukraine civilians flee towns near Kyiv after more Russian shelling

Towns near the Ukrainian capital are being fled after Russian shelling has continued. Civilian convoys are due to leave as Ukraine has agreed to a 12 hour ceasefire for six different routes in the war zone, allowing civilians to escape. 10 people died in Severodonetsk and five people died in

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03 Mar 2022

Here’s what we know about the 40-mile-long Russian convoy outside Ukraine’s capital

There is a 40 mile long convoy of Russian tanks, armored vehicles and towed artillery that has been waiting outside of kyiv for days. On Thursday, it was determined the convoy had stalled approximately 30 kilometers outside of Kyiv and has not made discernible progress over the last three days. 

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01 Mar 2022

Huge Convoy of Russian Armor advances on Kyiv

A huge convoy of Russian armor spanning roughly 40 miles is advancing on Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv. The convoy was identified via satellite imagery amid talks between the two nations currently engaged in conflict. The International Criminal Court’s prosecutor announced that he wants to investigate Russia for possible war

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25 Feb 2022

Ukraine conflict: Kyiv braces for Russian assault

Russian tanks have been filmed entering Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, for the first time. The city was hit by blasts overnight with at least one block of flats damaged and civilians injured. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence called on residents to make fire bombs to neutralise the enemy. A plane was shot

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