20 May 2022

380K Kubernetes API Servers Exposed to Public Internet

According to the Shadowserver Foundation, who first discovered the security incident, more than 380,000 of 450,000 Kubernetes servers hosting the open-source container-orchestration engine for managing cloud deployments are vulnerable to third party access. The popular engine for managing cloud deployments is therefore an easy target, providing a broad attack surface

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04 Aug 2021

Hackers target Kubernetes to steal data and processing power. Now the NSA has tips to protect yourself

The NSA recently released guidance regarding Kubernetes to aid organizations in deploying the open-source platform without exposing it to hackers seeking to steal data and processing power. The application is utilized by organizations for managing containerized applications. The guidance was a joint publication that was also authored by the DHS’s

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17 Jan 2020

Kubernetes bug bounty program open to anyone, rewards up to $10,000

Kubernetes has announced that they plan to launch a bug bounty program with rewards as high as $10,000. The company was originally designed by Google but has since been open-sourced and handed over to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, becoming a community project. The bounty program will be managed by

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