06 Sep 2022

Kenya’s top court confirms William Ruto’s victory in presidential vote

The Supreme Court in Kenya upheld the results declaring William Ruto the winner of last month’s presidential elections. Ruto won with 50.49% of the vote, his rival Raila Odinga received 48.85% of the vote, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission announced in August. Four members of the commission rejected the

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15 Aug 2022

Raila Odinga and William Ruto await verdict in Kenya election

The much-awaited presidential election in Kenya will have the results revealed shortly according to the electoral body. The electoral body are preparing for the declaration in the national tallying center in Nairobi.  In the latest count, Deputy President William Ruto has a narrow lead over ex-Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The

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10 Aug 2022

Kenyans Vote in Tight Race Amid Shifting Alliances and Struggling Economy

In Kenya, voters headed to the polls on Tuesday to elect a new president and officials in a balanced presidential race between longtime allies that later turned into rivals. One of the candidates is associated with Kenya’s founding families and the other claims to represent the struggling working class. The

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07 Feb 2020

Trump administration to open free-trade talks with Kenya

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced that it plans to open free trade talks with Kenya in the coming months. If successful, the deal would be the first trade agreement between the US and a sub-Saharan nation. The announcement followed a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kenyan President

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06 Jan 2020

Three Americans killed in Kenya terror attack

East Africa based Jihadist fundamentalist group Al-Shabaab, a former Al Qaeda affiliate, on Sunday carried out a terror attack in Kenya in which three US citizens were killed, while two others were wounded. The casualties included a US service member and two civilian contractors working for the US Department of

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17 Jan 2019

Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex

At least 5 Al-Shabaab militants, seemingly demonstrated the deadly resilience of the group, launched an attack against a hotel complex in Nairobi. The 20-hour siege saw 21 people killed (16 Kenyan, 1 British, 1 American, 3 still unknown), aside from the five attackers killed on site. Two accomplices that allegedly

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09 Jan 2019

More African schools are teaching Mandarin Chinese with Chinese funding, some making it mandatory

Highlighting the ongoing importance and influence of China in Africa, several African countries have rolled out Mandarin Chinese language programs. Kenya, the most recent, is rolling out a primary school curriculum in 2020, developed jointly with China. South Africa began teaching Mandarin in 2014 and Uganda is planning to make

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16 Aug 2018

Al-Shabaab’s Mata Hari Intelligence Network

A researcher has worked to document a surprising element within Al-Shabaab’s operational structure: the use of sex workers and street children in the group’s intelligence apparatus. “If you want information here,” said one interviewee, “you use the prostitutes and street kids – they see everything, go everywhere, and nobody notices

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11 Jul 2018

China is Kenya’s largest creditor with 72% of total bilateral debt

Kenya’s total debt to China has grown 15 percentage points since 2016, increasing from 57% to 72% of its bilateral debt, an amount 8 times greater than the next biggest lending partner (France). In the past 5 years, debt levels to China have multiplied by a factor of 10. Critics

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