04 Jun 2020

Kaspersky IDs Sophisticated New Malware Targeted at Air-Gapped Systems

A threat actor group with potential ties to China called Cycldek may have more sophisticated capabilities than researchers previously thought after security vendor Kaspersky released an analysis examining the threat group’s malware toolset. Earlier this week, Kaspersky researchers disclosed that they had found new information suggesting these operators may have

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05 Dec 2019

Artificial Fingerprint Ring Could Combat Biometric Data Theft

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, Swedish 3D accessory designer Benjamin Waye, and creative agency Archetype have teamed up to create a ring that could provide an alternative option to using human fingerprints. The ring could also solve the issue of what to do if your biometric data is stolen. The jewelry consists

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19 Aug 2019

Kaspersky Antivirus flaw leaves millions open to online hack

A flaw in Kaspersky Antivirus put millions of users at risk by making it possible for websites to track the online activity of users without their consent, a security journalist has discovered. The software contained a module that injected JavaScript code onto web pages visited by Kaspersky users. The code

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22 Jun 2018

Olympic hackers now targetting biochem attack prevention infrastructure

According to researchers at Kaspersky, the hackers behind the Pyeongchang Olympics attacks have started to target organizations working to protect and respond to biological and chemical attacks. Researchers cite similar tactics and markers connecting these attacks to the Olympic Destroyer group. Targets are primarily people connected to Spiez Convergence, an

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20 Jun 2018

Securing the Federal Cybersecurity Supply Chain

A new bipartisan bill would require federal agencies to conduct more extensive and thorough background checks on contractors’ and suppliers’ cyber security supply chains. The current system is described as “extremely complex,” but “ill-equipped” to deal with twice and three-times removed security risks like those in the recent Kaspersky and

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23 Apr 2018

Here’s why DHS banned Kaspersky products

DHS reporting submitted by Kaspersky as part of their court case provides some insight into why the U.S. government was warning against the use of Kaspersky products. “Based on publicly available information, Kaspersky-branded antivirus software and other Kaspersky-branded products and solutions that contain antivirus functionality appear to present the general

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