14 Oct 2021

Taliban Allow Teenage Afghan Girls Back in Some Provincial Schools—but Not in Kabul

The Taliban has allowed middle and high school girls to resume studies across several provinces in northern Afghanistan. The move may be an indication of how the Islamist group’s policies on key issues such as education for girls and women are being influenced by the international community and cultural differences

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06 Oct 2021

Afghan Female Musicians Evacuated to Qatar After Prior U.S.-Led Effort Fell Short

Members of an internationally renowned orchestra of Afghan women and girls have been evacuated from Afghanistan after negotiations took place between the Qatari government and Taliban leaders in Kabul. The musicians were finally evacuated a month after the US-led attempt to rescue the women and girls in the last days

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17 Sep 2021

This mobile app is helping Afghans navigate Kabul following the Taliban takeover

The crowdsourced news alert app Ehtesab continued their work providing Afghans with critical information after the Taliban entered Kabul last month. The app shows which roads are congested and where outbreaks of violence have been reported. The app reported the twin attacks of suicide bombings at the Hamid Karzai Airport

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09 Sep 2021

Taliban to Allow 200 Americans, Other Foreigners to Fly Out of Kabul

The Taliban are allegedly allowing for roughly 200 Americans, US permanent residents, and holders of other Western passports to leave the country on a flight to Qatar that is scheduled for Thursday. This marks the first departure by air since US forces withdrew last month, according to American and Qatari

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07 Sep 2021

Taliban fire warning shots at protest in Kabul

On Tuesday, hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Kabul to denounce Taliban rule and demand women’s rights. They were met with warning shots fired by Taliban forces to disperse the large crowd in the capital. Video footage shows protestors fleeing the scene while heavy gunfire is audible in

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31 Aug 2021

Taliban declare victory from Kabul airport tarmac after US withdrawal

On Tuesday, Taliban leaders declared victory over the United States just hours after the last military force left Afghanistan. The declaration occurred on the tarmac of Kabul airport, which up until yesterday remained under US control. The airport has been the epicenter of a frenzy of evacuation missions conducted by

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30 Aug 2021

Afghan Militants Fire Rockets at Kabul Airport as U.S. Nears Withdrawal

Afghan militants allegedly fired rockets at Kabul’s airport, which is still under US control, as US forces rushed to complete evacuation missions in Afghanistan ahead of the Tuesday deadline to exit the country. The US deployed counter-rocket defenses to intercept the weapons. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack,

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30 Aug 2021

US investigating civilian deaths in Kabul strike

The US is currently investigating a drone strike targeting a suicide bomber that went wrong and ended up killing 10 members of one family, including six children. The family was killed when a car parked at their home was struck by the explosion, which occurred on Sunday. The US military

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27 Aug 2021

Kabul airport attack: What do we know?

The first explosion happened at approximately 18:00 local time near the Baron Hotel, outside the airport’s perimeter. Gunfire followed the first blast, and a second explosion occurred near the Abbey Gate, an entrance into the airport. The first blast is suspected to be a smaller device, while the second is

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26 Aug 2021

CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans, Afghan Allies

According to new reports, the Central Intelligence Agency and the US military are conducting extraction operations to evacuate Americans outside of the Kabul airport with just days remaining before the August 31 operation deadline. US forces are using ground troops and helicopters to conduct the missions. The clandestine operations to

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