10 Sep 2020

OODA Network Interview: Joel Wallenstrom

This post is based on an interview Joel Wallenstrom, CEO and President at Wickr.  It is part of our series of interviews of OODA Network members. Our objective with these interviews is to provide actionable information of interest to the community, including insights that can help with your own career progression. We also really like highlighting some of the great people that make our continued research and reporting possible

Joel Wallenstrom took a long look at his classmates in the computer lab at Brown University and decided he’d never have the discipline and rigorous engineering habits needed to create a career in technology.  Today, he’s the CEO and President of the world’s most innovative secure communications company.

“We need to create a data transport where the service provider can’t get access to your information for monetization. It’s a very complex problem when you consider firewall rulesets being automatically updated by machines.”

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