21 Dec 2018

With Mattis out, is Blackwater back?

With SecDef Mattis’s resignation and Trump’s recent announcement about the drawdown of 7,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Trump administration may be reconsidering Erik Prince’s campaign to replace U.S. troops with mercenaries in the country. Since this summer, Prince campaigned heavily in the media and in DC for the use

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10 Oct 2018

Mattis orders fighter jet readiness to jump to 80 percent — in one year

“Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has ordered the Air Force and Navy to get mission capable rates for four key tactical aircraft up above 80 percent by the end of next September, a daunting challenge given the current readiness rates of America’s fighter fleets. In a memo issued Sept. 17

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29 Jun 2018

Mattis: US to maintain troop levels in South Korea

Quieting speculation and fears that the U.S. would pull its forces out of the Korean peninsula, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis affirmed that the U.S. will maintain its forces as it moves forwards with negotiations with North Korea. The U.S. maintains a force of 28,500 troops in South Korea and,

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