28 Nov 2018

The U.S. Military’s Drone Swarm Strategy Just Passed a Key Test

As jamming technology threatens the effectiveness of drone swarms and autonomous vehicle tactics, the U.S. military has moved ahead with new network setups designed to overcome attacks against their communications and GPS systems. Following recent tests, DARPA announced that the drone systems “efficiently shared information, cooperatively planned and allocated mission

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19 Nov 2018

Russian drones can jam cellphones 60 miles away

“Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Nov. 6 that the nation had extended the range on its drone-carried jammers to 100 km, or over 60 miles. Drones as a platform for, and not just the target of, electronic warfare means that the sight of a flying robot overhead could signal incoming strikes

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31 Jul 2018

Russian jamming poses a growing threat to U.S. troops in Syria

Advanced Russian jamming of electronic signals in Syria has been a challenge for a growing number of troops deployed there, but has also provided the U.S. military a dynamic training ground for countering Russian technology on the battlefield. Soldiers and technology experts alike have affirmed that this kind of electronic

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18 Jun 2018

Justice Dept report details ‘micro-jamming’ technology

A new Justice Department report has issued details on a “micro-jamming” technology capable of disabling a cell-phone within a 20-foot radius. These capabilities are “a step forward countering the security threat posed by contraband cellphones” in jail, according to one Department of Justice representative. Difficulties with previous jamming technologies were,

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