12 Nov 2021

NATO and US DoD AI Strategies Align with over 80 International Declarations on AI Ethics

NATO’s release in October of its first-ever strategy for artificial intelligence is primarily concerned with the impact AI will have on the NATO core commitments of collective defense, crisis management, and cooperative security.

Worth a deeper dive is a framework within the overall NATO AI Strategy, which mirrors that of the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s (JAIC) efforts to establish norms around AI:   “NATO establishes standards of responsible use of AI technologies, in accordance with international law and NATO’s values.” At the center of the NATO AI strategy are the following six principles: Lawfulness, Responsibility and Accountability, Explainability and Traceability, Reliability, Governability, and Bias Mitigation.”

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16 Feb 2021

JAIC Seeks Test and Evaluation Services for Artificial Intelligence

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is seeking support for artificial intelligence testing and evaluation services. The program supports the goals of the Defense Department and the US government in achieving an upper hand in harnessing cutting-edge technology at the start of the new decade. The JAIC released the request

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27 May 2020

Defense Department AI Center Seeks Own Acquisition Authorities

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was created only two years ago and has now grown its staff from four to 175 as well as developing an annual budget of $240 million. However, the JAIC is seeking its own acquisition authorities to meet technological demands. The JAIC has forged partnerships

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11 May 2020

Pentagon Wants Better Data For Its Predictive Aircraft Maintenance AI

On May 7, the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) released a request for information, seeking ideas on how to improve its use of AI to predict when its planes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles require repairs or maintenance. the JAIC indicated in the solicitation that it has experienced challenges

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24 Apr 2020

The Pentagon Will Use AI to Predict Panic Buying, COVID-19 Hotspots

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) plans to use AI to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by using the technology to predict hotspots and other related logistics or supply-chain problems. The JAIC has built a prototype AI tool that incorporates a variety of data streams to achieve this goal. The chief

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28 Feb 2020

Pentagon Confirms Alka Patel to Lead the Implementation of Its New Ethical AI Principles

Yesterday, the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) confirmed that it has hired Alka Patel to take the reins on the implementation of the JAIC’s new ethical principles regarding AI in warfare. The JAIC’s director announced that the position was already filled during a previous press briefing, but the company

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24 Jan 2020

How the Pentagon’s JAIC Picks Its Artificial Intelligence-Driven Projects

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was founded in 2018 to unify and accelerate AI applications across the defense and military enterprise. In the past nine months, employees inside the center have spent about nine months executing this AI support, aiming to improve the efficiency and accuracy to improve overall

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