11 Oct 2019

Escort forums in Italy and the Netherlands hacked, user data put up for sale

Two European web forums serving sex workers and their customers have been breached by a Bulgarian threat actor who is now selling 330,000 stolen user records on underground marketplaces. The hacker, who uses the moniker InstaKilla, exploited a recently disclosed critical vulnerability in vBulletin in order to steal 300,000 records

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29 May 2019

Research Shows Twitter Manipulation in Weeks Before EU Elections

Researchers with the Sherpa project have uncovered a sizable Twitter misinformation campaign that promoted “politically inflammatory content, racist content, and mistruths,” in an attempt to influence European voters in the days before the European Parliament Election, which took place last week. The campaign primarily targeted Italian and French voters with

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01 May 2019

Vodafone Found Hidden Backdoors in Huawei Equipment

Vodafone has admitted to Bloomberg that it discovered backdoors in software for Huawei products used by the carrier to provide various services to customers in Italy. The backdoors were discovered between 2009 and 2011 and remained in place for years. As a result, Huawei could have obtained unauthorized access to

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11 Apr 2019

Libya fighting kills 56, European powers jostle over conflict

According to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), the battle for Tripoli between the internationally recognized Libyan government and forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar has so far killed 56 people and injured another 266, while 6,000 Tripoli residents have been displaced. Haftar is leading a push

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21 Mar 2019

China Welcomes Italy Into Its Sphere Of Influence, Unnerving the E.U. and U.S.

Italy is set the become the first G-7 country to join China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative that comprises numerous large infrastructure projects aimed at uniting East and West, although many Western countries mostly see it as a way for China to increase its geopolitical power across the globe. Even

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30 Jan 2019

Migrant crisis continues: UN says six die every day in Mediterranean crossings

A new UN report estimates that an average of six migrants per day die attempting the Mediterranean crossing to Europe. While the overall number of deaths has declined along with the number of people making crossing attempts, the death rate has spiked dramatically from 1 death out of every 38

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13 Nov 2018

Competing Libyan governments arrive for Italy summit after December election shelved

Nearly 8 eights since NATO-supported rebels overthrew Gadaffi, Libya is roughly split into two political entities. The western portion of the country holds the seat of a government with international recognition but little control over territory, while the east is largely controlled by various armed groups, a rival government, and

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25 Oct 2018

Italy plans to slash half a billion dollars from defense in 2019

“Italy will cut €450 million (U.S. $512.3 million) from its planned defense spending in 2019 by suspending helicopter and missile purchases and canceling an office move by the defense ministry to help shore up social welfare and tax cuts…Italy’s total outlay on defense in 2019 will be announced in parliament

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22 Oct 2018

Italy: Schools monitored for extremist recruitment

Italian police and local sources have stated that authorities have begun to monitor schools for their risk of jihadi recruitment. Investigators argue that this context is where young “vulnerable individuals” are “most exposed to the risks of radicalization” and could be targeted and connected to broader extremist networks.  Source: Schools

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