13 Jan 2021

Italy ‘Ndrangheta group: Biggest mafia trial in decades opens

Italy’s biggest organised crime trial in decades will see 355 alleged mobsters and corrupt officials tried. These 355 people were charged after investigation into the ‘Ndrangheta group. 900 or more witnesses are expected to give evidence. The charge list includes murder, drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering. The trial begins

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28 Dec 2020

Europe launches mass vaccination program as countries race to contain new variant

Yesterday, the European Union began its Covid-19 vaccination program after approving the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine on December 21. The vaccine has now been delivered to all EU countries, according to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. December 27, 28, and 29 have been declared EU vaccination days, although

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11 Nov 2020

In Italy’s Second Coronavirus Wave, Milan Staggers as Hospitals Fill Up

Milan, Italy’s booming business capital, has become the epicenter of the country’s second wave of COVID-19 cases, further risking the country’s economic recovery that began to take hold following the end of the first wave. Italy was one of the first countries to suffer from the pandemic, however, it believed

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27 Oct 2020

Protesters clash with police in northern Italy as anger mounts over Covid-19 restrictions

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Italians are unsatisfied with the new lockdown restrictions imposed across the country as cases begin to rise for the second time. On Monday night, protests became violent as demonstrators clashed with the police throughout northern Italy. In Turin, dozens were wounded as protestors created fires in

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30 Jun 2020

EU reopens its borders to 14 nations but not to US tourists

On Tuesday, the European Union announced that it will reopen its borders to travelers from 14 select countries, however, this list does not include the US. This is due to soaring coronavirus infections in many US states, such as Texas and Florida. Travelers from other big countries like Russia, Brazil,

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19 Jun 2020

Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study finds

Italian officials say that the COVID-19 virus was present in the country in December, after the National Institute of Health stated that water from Milan and Turin showed genetic traces of the virus on December 18. This adds to the increasing amount of evidence that the virus has been circulating

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08 Jun 2020

Italian Debt Is Surging. But Investors Are Playing It Cool

Italy already had a weak economy and the biggest government debt in Europe when the COVID-19 crisis started, and these circumstances have worsened dramatically as a result of Italy’s fight with the deadly virus. Italy’s government debt is projected to swell as money is spent on relief efforts. However, bond

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03 Jun 2020

Italy opens borders ahead of neighbors, beckoning tourists

On Wednesday, Italy re-opened regional and international borders, representing the country’s progression into the final phase of its COVID-19 lockdown initiatives.  Italy is the first European country to open international borders fully, ending the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers. The move has drawn criticism for being premature, while others

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06 May 2020

Coronavirus: UK death toll passes Italy to be highest in Europe

According to recent UK government data, the country has surpassed Italy for the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in Europe. The latest figures state that there have been 29,427 deaths across the UK, compared to 29,315 in Italy. However, experts have expressed that it may be months before accurate global

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27 Apr 2020

Italy’s PM outlines lockdown easing measures

After declining numbers of cases over the past few weeks, Italy has outlined its plans to ease restrictions after seven weeks of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak within the nation, which has been the hardest-hit European country. Starting on May 4, Italians will be allowed to visit relatives in

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