02 Nov 2021

Israeli settlement plans in the West Bank draw condemnation from US, UK, Europe

Dozens of European countries and the US and UK have spoken out about Israel’s new plan to construct thousands of new Israeli housing units in the West Bank. Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett published immediate tenders for more than 1,300 housing units to be built in the

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16 Sep 2021

Israeli police recapture four of six escaped Palestinian prisoners

Israeli police have reported that four of the six men who successfully escaped from a prison in Northern Israel on Monday have been recaptured by security forces. The first two escapees were arrested on Friday evening in Nazareth, roughly 18 miles from the prison in which the breakout happened. Another

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25 Aug 2021

NSO Group facing renewed backlash after helping repressive Bahraini Government hack iPhones of politicians, activists

Citizen Lab recently released a report detailing how the controversial Israeli company NSO Group supplied surveillance tools to the repressive government of Bahrain from June 2020 to February 2021. The company has face international backlash since it was revealed that it aided dozens of organizations in spying on world leaders,

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19 Aug 2021

Algeria blames groups it links to Morocco, Israel for wildfires

Algeria blamed its recent fires on two recently designated “terrorist” organizations, the Islamist Rashad group and MAK. The president’s office on Wednesday said police had arrested 22 people for starting the fires. These groups were designated as terrorist organizations this year. Forest fires have been the fiercest in Algeria and

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10 Aug 2021

Chinese Espionage Group UNC215 Targeted Israeli Government Networks

Reports have emerged that the Chinese espionage group tracked as UNC215 leveraged remote desktop protocols to access an Israeli government network. This was made possible by leveraging stolen credentials from trusted third parties. New research from Mandiant revealed that data gathered from telemetry efforts and the information shared by Israeli

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02 Aug 2021

UK and Romanian crew killed in attack on tanker linked to Israeli billionaire off coast of Oman

Last Friday, two crew members died when a tanker connected to Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer was attacked off the coast of Oman. According to the ship’s management, the individuals killed in the attack were of British and Romanian nationality. The company reported that it suspected the incident onboard the Mercer

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30 Jul 2021

Israeli Government Agencies Visit NSO Group Offices

Authorities have opened an investigation into the Israeli company, NSO Group, behind the Pegasus spyware. Officials from multiple different agencies within the Israeli government visited NSO Group’s offices as part of the new investigation amid claims that the firm is selling its powerful spyware to threat actors who then commit

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21 Jul 2021

Macron Among 14 Heads of States on Potential Spyware List

On Tuesday, Amnesty International stated that French President Emmanual Macron was included on a list of 14 current or former heads of state who were potentially targeted for hacking through a product called Pegasus made by the Israeli spyware firm NSO Group. The organization called the incident an unprecedented revelation

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19 Jul 2021

Windows 0-Days Used Against Dissidents in Israeli Broker’s Spyware

According to new reports, a unique set of spyware strains created by an Israeli firm used by governments across the world to conduct surveillance on dissidents has been defanged by Microsoft. The company is called Candiru or Sourgum and specializes in the sale of the DevilsTongue surveillance malware. The malware

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07 Jul 2021

New Israeli government suffers first major legislative setback on controversial ‘citizenship’ law

Tuesday morning, the newly formed Israeli government suffered its first major setback after failing to secure enough votes to extend a regulation that bans Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza married to Israelis from applying for citizenship. The coalition had previously agreed to amend the law to grant citizenship

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