28 Sep 2018

Dutch police arrest 7 men suspected of plotting major terrorist attack

Dutch police arrested seven men for plotting a large terrorist attack. The men, ages 21-34, were arrested in a Dutch town near the Belgian and German borders and were allegedly planning to carry out an attack using explosive vests, assault rifles, and a car bomb. Police have indicated that the

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25 Sep 2018

Bolton: US troops staying in Syria until Iran leaves

The U.S. has around 2,200 boots on the ground in Syria, most of them allocated towards the fight against ISIS. National Security Advisor John Bolton has announced, however, that U.S. forces will remain in the country “as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies

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19 Sep 2018

26 ISIS militants arrested in Kabul city for planning attacks during Ashura Day

“The Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS), says a group of at least 26 ISIS militants have been arrested for planning attacks mourners during the Ashura Day. A source privy of the development has said the militants have been arrested during separate operations in Kabul city. The source further

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06 Sep 2018

IS strategy in Iraq and Syria: from “remain and expand” to “adapt and evolve”

As IS fighters regroup and form pockets across Iraq and Syria, the organization and its affiliates are renewing aggressive attacks on security forces and oil fields. Adapting to its “defeat” according to its original strategy of holding and conquering territory, the organization has continued financing and transitioned to rearming and

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30 Aug 2018

Iran has arrested ‘dozens of spies’, says intelligence minister

“Iran’s intelligence minister said ‘dozens of spies’ had been arrested as part of a crackdown on espionage and dual nationals and alluded to an agent Iran had placed in the Israeli government, Iranian media reported on Wednesday. Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi did not provide details of the ‘dozens of spies’,

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28 Aug 2018

Online Propaganda Builds Islamic State Brand in the Face of Military Losses

“Islamic State has lost most of the territory it once held in Syria and Iraq. It is vying for survival with other, sometimes stronger, extremist groups. But one sphere where Islamic State still reigns supreme among terrorists is in cyberspace.The group’s vast online presence is a critical recruitment and marketing

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27 Aug 2018

Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed, government says

“The head of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abu Saad Erhabi, was killed in a strike on the group’s hideouts in Nangarhar province on Saturday night, authorities said on Sunday. Ten other members of the militant group were also killed in a joint ground and air operation by Afghan and foreign

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23 Aug 2018

Islamic State Leader Urges More Attacks In First Purported Audio In Year

ISIS released a 54-minute audio clip on Wednesday, the group’s first audio release of the year. If the voice on the audio clip is confirmed to be the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it would confirm that he was not killed in airstrikes, as had been reported several times. The

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09 Jul 2018

Green Berets and Afghan commandos announce capture of ISIS stronghold

In one of the few areas where U.S. forces still fight alongside the Afghan military, joint operations took over the local “Islamic State” capital, killing 167 ISIS fighters. ISIS forces have used this area as a staging ground for a number of large suicide attacks, while also using it as

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06 Jul 2018

ISIS sleeper cells awaking to spread chaos in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Small ISIS cells have been increasing their activity, mostly kidnappings and murders, targeting civilians and government institutions in the Kirkuk province of northern Iraq. Authorities have suggested the group is working to destabilize the area and pave the way for their resurgence. One official in the area said that it

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