09 Nov 2021

U.S. Tests Israel’s Iron Dome in Guam as Defense Against Chinese Cruise Missiles

Israel has used advanced technology called the Iron Dome missile defense system to intercept thousands of Palestinian rockets and mortars. The dome defense system is now being tested by the US in Guam, aiming to increase defenses against Chinese ballistic missiles. The dome can only protect against limited types of

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16 Mar 2020

US Scraps Missiles Over Cybersecurity Concerns

The US has allegedly abandoned plans to introduce a new missile system over cybersecurity fears, including that it may not be adequately secure. The system is Israeli-made and cost the US $373 million to purchase two batteries of the Iron Dome missiles last year. The US planned to spend another

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13 Dec 2018

Israelis Seek Lasers Vs. Hamas, Hezbollah Rocket Barrages

“After Hamas fired 460 rockets in a single day last month, Israel may reinforce its vaunted Iron Dome defense with laser weapons that offer quicker reaction times, unlimited ammunition, and lower cost per shot. That’s a striking reversal 12 years after Israel largely abandoned lasers in favor of interceptor missiles

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