07 Jul 2010

More than 50 killed in attacks across Baghdad

“Militants struck across the Iraqi capital Wednesday, killing more than 50 people, including 32 in a suicide bombing that targeted pilgrims commemorating a revered Shiite saint, Iraqi police said. The attacks — the deadliest of which occurred in northern Baghdad’s predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Azamiyah — offered a clear indication

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23 Apr 2010

Bomb Damages Iraqi Oil Pipeline

“A bomb attack on a major oil pipeline in northern Iraq has disrupted Iraqi crude oil exports sent through Turkey. Civil defense workers are trying to put out a fire caused by the attack at al-Hadhar south of Mosul Thursday morning. The bomb blew a hole in the pipeline. Iraqi

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06 Apr 2010

Seven explosions kill dozens in Baghdad

“Seven separate explosions rocked Baghdad on Tuesday morning, killing at least 34 people and wounding 104 others, Iraq’s Interior Ministry said. Five of the blasts took place in Shiite neighborhoods: Shulaa, Chikook, Shurta al-Rabaa, Amel and Bayaa. Another attack occurred in the mixed Saydiya neighborhood, authorities said. At least three

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25 Jan 2010

Attack targets Baghdad hotel compounds, kills at least 36

“A coordinated attack of vehicle bombs on Monday ripped through the perimeters of three hotel compounds known for housing foreign journalists, destroying a nearby apartment building and leaving at least 36 people dead. “ The bombers hit the Sheraton Hotel compound, which also houses the Babylon Hotel; and the al-Hamra

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12 Jan 2010

Iraq Says Raid Uncovered a Plot to Bomb Ministries

“wide-ranging plot to bomb government ministries and other public places, to be followed by a wave of political assassinations, was uncovered by Iraqi officials, who responded Tuesday by bringing much of the capital to a virtual standstill while security forces conducted raids that netted large quantities of explosives, officials said.”

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