07 Jan 2019

Kurdish forces: Two American ISIS fighters captured in Syria

“Kurdish-led forces battling Islamic State militants in Syria say they captured five foreign fighters, including an American who once sought to become an English teacher in the jihadi group’s Iraqi capital. The American, a Texan named Warren Christopher Clark, 34, was one of two reputed U.S. citizens captured in a

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31 Dec 2018

Syria’s Assad authorizes Iraqi forces to strike ISIS in Syria

Syria and Iraq reached an agreement over the weekend that will allow Iraqi forces to attack ISIS forces inside Syria without having to first receive permission from Syrian authorities. The agreement illustrates the close relationship that has grown up between the two governments in their coordination of anti-ISIS efforts. The

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27 Dec 2018

U.S. forces will stay in Iraq and could reenter Syria from there, Trump says

“President Trump said he has no plans to withdraw American forces from Iraq, a week after announcing a surprise pullout of troops from Syria and ordering the Pentagon to bring home roughly half of the American forces deployed to Afghanistan. The decision allows the United States to maintain a presence

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15 Nov 2018

US Treasury adds Qods Force, Hezbollah officials to list of global terrorists

The U.S. has added four Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps currently operating within Iraq to the Specially Designated Global Terrorists list. The U.S. Treasury also stated that Hezbollah in Iraq is serving as a “terrorist proxy for the Iranian regime that seeks to undermine Iraqi sovereignty and destabilize the Middle East…this

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28 Sep 2018

US Official: We May Cut Support for Iraq If New Government Seats Pro-Iran Politicians

“The Trump administration may decrease U.S. military support or other assistance to Iraq if its new government puts Iranian-aligned politicians in any ‘significant positions of responsibility,’ a senior administration official told reporters late last week. The comment comes as Baghdad pols jockey to form a new government following May’s parliamentary elections.

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06 Sep 2018

IS strategy in Iraq and Syria: from “remain and expand” to “adapt and evolve”

As IS fighters regroup and form pockets across Iraq and Syria, the organization and its affiliates are renewing aggressive attacks on security forces and oil fields. Adapting to its “defeat” according to its original strategy of holding and conquering territory, the organization has continued financing and transitioned to rearming and

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22 Aug 2018

Baghdad gun shops thrive after Iraqi rethink on arms control

Iraq has legalized the buying, selling, and possession of handguns and semi-automatic rifles. Since the end of the Hussein regime in 2003, the country’s illegal weapons market has been saturated with looted guns from police stations and military bases. Buyers ranged from jihadists to citizens seeking self-defense in a lawless

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14 Aug 2018

′Islamic State′: Up to 30,000 fighters still in Syria and Iraq, UN says

A UN report indicates that up to 30,000 Islamic State fighters remain in Syria and Iraq, posing a significant long-term threat even as territory previously seized by the group has been retaken.  Source: ′Islamic State′: Up to 30,000 fighters still in Syria and Iraq, UN says | Middle East| News

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06 Jul 2018

ISIS sleeper cells awaking to spread chaos in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Small ISIS cells have been increasing their activity, mostly kidnappings and murders, targeting civilians and government institutions in the Kirkuk province of northern Iraq. Authorities have suggested the group is working to destabilize the area and pave the way for their resurgence. One official in the area said that it

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19 Feb 2012

15 killed in suicide blast targeting Baghdad police academy

“Violent overnight attacks in Iraq killed nearly two dozen people Sunday. A suicide bomber bomber detonated a car rigged with explosives at the main entrance of the police academy in eastern Baghdad, killing at least 15 people as recruits were leaving, Iraqi police officials said.” (15 killed in suicide blast

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