25 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: Understanding and mitigating the threat

CCP support for Russia, its behaviour in the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea, its repudiation of universal values in the infamous “document no 9” and demonstration of that disregard in Hong Kong and Xinjiang should convince our policy makers that if the CCP does not represent a hostile power now, it is likely to in future. Therefore, with cellular IoT modules, it is a question of identifying the vulnerabilities and taking measures to close them off.

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24 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: An analysis examining two companies

The relationships between Chinese technology companies that are the suppliers of IoT devices and the companies that are the suppliers of the cellular modules that enable them is key. Often conversation on risk associated with Chinese companies exporting technology globally focuses on the visible companies, overlooking the many others that sit within their supply chains.

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23 Jan 2023

Chinese Cellular IoT technology: An analysis of threats and mitigation measures

Free and open nations have woken up to the threat posed by Chinese involvement in their 5G telecommunications and to the importance of maintaining the lead in semiconductors. There is less awareness of the risks incurred by using Chinese cellular IoT technology. In the longer term the risk posed by the pervasive presence of Chinese cellular IoT modules in our systems and processes poses a greater threat than does relying upon Chinese companies for 5G.

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13 Oct 2022

IP Cameras, VoIP and Video Conferencing Revealed as Riskiest IoT Devices

According to new research discovered by Forescout’s cybersecurity research branch Vedere Labs, IoT devices such as conferencing systems and IP cameras are among the five riskiest IoT devices connected to networks. The security company has identified themes in its recent research that highlight the growing attack surface these devices are

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04 May 2022

This unpatched DNS bug could put ‘well-known’ IoT devices at risk

IoT security researchers at Nozomi Networks have warned that a popular library for the C programming language is at risk for DNS cache-poisoning attacks. The bug in the library is roughly 10 years old, and could not be fixed by the owners and maintainers of the library. Security researcher Andrea

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05 Jan 2022

Blockchain of Things platform plans to boost further adoption with startups competition

The advent of the internet led to a paradigm shift that has transformed nearly every aspect of society since then. This was compounded by the growing interconnectivity of an ever-increasing amount of WiFi-enabled devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT) that fostered the development of Web 2.0. Innovations enabled by

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22 Dec 2021

Internet of Nano Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular topic in the current 4.0 revolution. Nanotechnology is the same, I trust you have at least read or heard the two phrases above. What about the Internet of Nano Things, a combination of IoT and Nano is something to look forward to. Today,

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22 Dec 2021

Bringing Blockchain, IoT, and Analytics to Supply Chains

Supply chains must meet multiple objectives: a high level of customer fulfillment, profitability targets, and resilience to disruptions. Companies are also beginning to prepare their supply chains for a responsible future by guaranteeing that their production and transportation systems are safe and environmentally friendly, raw materials are obtained from sustainable

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15 Dec 2021

TinyML at the very edge of IoT shows signs of promise

IoT is extending networks further and further from conventional workstations and centralized data centers. That trend has, in turn, created the need for computing power closer to those endpoints. Edge computing devices, such as gateways, first addressed that need. There’s now another option: tiny machine learning, or tinyML, which embeds analytics

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10 Dec 2021

Tiny machine learning design alleviates a bottleneck in memory usage on internet-of-things devices

Machine learning provides powerful tools to researchers to identify and predict patterns and behaviors, as well as learn, optimize, and perform tasks. This ranges from applications like vision systems on autonomous vehicles or social robots to smart thermostats to wearable and mobile devices like smartwatches and apps that can monitor

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