25 Sep 2020

Cisco warns over 25 high-impact flaws in its IOS and IOS XE software

Cisco is urging customers to install patches for 25 high severity flaws existing in its previous version of IOS and ISO XE networking gear software. In total, Cisco disclosed and patched 34 flaws, 25 of which were classified as critical. The announcement is part of Cisco’s semi-annual effort to fix

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22 Apr 2020

New iOS exploit discovered being used to spy on China’s Uyghur minority

Yesterday, a security firm stated that it discovered a new iOS exploit, named Insomnia, that works against iOS 12.3, 12.3.1, and 12.3.2. The security firm, Volexity, also stated that it believes the exploit was used to spy on the pressed Uyghur minority population in China. Apple patched this vulnerability behind

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25 Nov 2019

Critical Flaw In Android, iOS Phone App: 150 Million Users Put At Risk

A security recently discovered a critical vulnerability in the Truecaller app that is used daily by 150 million Android and iOS users in order to prevent them from receiving SPAM and other unwanted calls. The flaw made it possible for threat actors to “inject [a] malicious link as the profile

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13 Nov 2019

Facebook iOS 13 ‘Bug’ Opens Your Camera While You Scroll Your Feed

Twitter user Joshua Maddux found what seems to be a bug in the iOS 13.2.2 version of the social media app Facebook. Maddux stated that when the app is open, it uses the camera, including a video within the tween that displays the bug. Revoking Facebook’s access to the camera

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25 Oct 2019

iOS Clicker Trojan Malware Found in 17 Apps in Apple’s App Store

Researchers with Wandera Threat Labs have uncovered 17 malicious iOS apps on the Apple App Store that carried out ad fraud on infected iPhones, iPads, and iPods. After installation, a clicker Trojan in the apps would start running in the background, simulating ad clicks  and opening web pages. The researchers

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16 Oct 2019

Fake iOS Jailbreak Site Lures in Apple Users

A new scam campaign is targeting iOS users who are looking for a way to jailbreak their device. Threat actors have set up a website that advertises checkra1n, a soon-to-be-released app that exploits the “checkm8” flaw, which affects hundreds of millions of iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Last month,

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30 Sep 2019

‘Hundreds Of Millions’ Of iPhones Vulnerable To New ‘Unfixable’ Hack

A researcher using the moniker ‘axi0mX’ has found a critical ‘jailbreak’ vulnerability affecting hundreds of millions of iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods. The flaw could be exploited in order to revoke Apple’s control over affected devices and run customer firmware on them. Axi0mX described the vulnerability as “a

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30 Sep 2019

Hacker Steals Over 218 Million Zynga ‘Words with Friends’ Gamers Data

A threat actor using the moniker ‘Gnosticplayers’ recently told The Hacker News that he had compromised Zynga, a US developer of various  popular social games for mobile. The hacker claims to have stolen a database containing records on over 218 million players of Zynga’s ‘Words With Friends’ game for Android

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26 Sep 2019

Inside the campaign that tried to compromise Tibetans’ iOS and Android phones

Various Tibetan organizations were the targeted of a six-month cyber espionage campaign targeting iOS and Android devices, a new Citizen Lab report shows. Hackers from a threat group dubbed Poison Carp contacted individuals via WhatsApp, while masquerading as journalists and human rights researchers. The attackers used social engineering to encourage

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27 Aug 2019

Apple Issues 3 Emergency Security Fixes To Block Hackers From Taking Over iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs

On Monday, Apple patched the critical jailbreak vulnerability that was accidentally reintroduced for iOS 12.4 after it had been patched in iOS 12.3. The tech giant also released security fixes for the same vulnerability in macOS (10.14.6) and tvOS (12.4.1). The flaws for macOS and tvOS had not been disclosed

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