11 Jul 2019

Latest FinSpy Modules Lift Data from Secure Messaging Apps

Researchers with Kaspersky have uncovered new versions of the notorious FinSpy malware in the wild. The malware, which has been found on both iOS and Android devices, is designed to steal information such as contact lists, text messages, emails, GPS location data and much more. In fact, FinSpy can “monitor

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18 Jun 2019

Security firm claims it can unlock any iPhone

Security firm Cellebrite claims it has found a way to unlock iPhones and other devices running iOS 7 to iOS 12.3. The company says that it can “bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction” by using “sophisticated algorithms to minimize unlock attempts.” The Israeli company is

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06 Jun 2019

Researchers Finds Thousands of iOS Apps Ignoring Security

A new report by Wandera shows that two in three iOS app developers are knowingly violating an Apple mandate to add end-to-end encryption to their applications. In an attempt to ensure the security of iOS apps, Apple has built the App Transport Security (ATS) feature into the Swift development platform.

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08 Feb 2019

Google Spots Attacks Exploiting iOS Zero-Day Flaws

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 12.1.4, the latest version of it’s mobile operating system, which patches four discovered security holes. Two of the vulnerabilities were connected to the recently uncovered FaceTime bug that allowed users to turn on the microphone and camera of the person they were calling. The other

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