02 Oct 2020

Lebanon seeks arrest of ship owner and captain

Lebanon is seeking to arrest the foreign owner and captain of the MV Rhosus, the ship which delivered the explosive material to Beirut years ago, leading to a massive explosion and 190 deaths. The ammonium nitrate was improperly stored at the port and caught fire on August 4. Lebanon’s probe

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06 Aug 2020

Cybercrime Growing at an “Alarming Pace” Due to COVID19

According to a new report released by INTERPOL, cybercrime is growing at an alarming pace due to the ongoing global pandemic. INTERPOL’s research also lead them to believe that the crime rate will continue to accelerate throughout 2020. The report reveals the extent to which threat actors are capitalizing on

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08 Jan 2020

Cryptojacking Drops by 78% in Southeast Asia After INTERPOL Action

After intervention coordinated by the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), the number of routers infected with coin miners in Southeast Asia dropped by 78%. INTERPOL is an inter-governmental organization that joins police forces from 194 countries in combating crime in various regions across the globe. INTERPOL’s operation in Southeast Asia

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21 Nov 2018

(INTERPOL) Marine Pollution Crime: First Global Multi-Agency Operation

“An international law enforcement operation against maritime pollution has revealed hundreds of violations and exposed serious cases of contamination worldwide. Codenamed 30 Days at Sea, the month-long (1-31 October) operation saw some 276 law enforcement and environmental agencies across 58 countries detect more than 500 offences, including illegal discharges of

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08 Oct 2018

Interpol president resigns after going ‘missing’ and turning up under investigation in China

In an extremely bizarre series of events, Interpol president Meng Hongwei was reported missing by his wife, the Chinese government confirmed that he is being “monitored and investigated” by anti-corruption party investigators, and Interpol announced that they had received his resignation. When Meng, a vice minister of public security in China,

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