01 Dec 2021

5G rollouts offer ‘internet of things’ a more sophisticated outlook

The “internet of things” (IoT) is often used as a catch-all phrase to describe the disparate items that use sensors to gather data — from driverless cars, to “smart cows”, to connected refrigerators, to robotic factories. But with the broader adoption of IoT technology into data-intensive tasks, such as remote

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12 Nov 2021

What Machine Learning Can Do for Security

Machine learning can be applied in various ways in security, for instance, in malware analysis, to make predictions, and for clustering security events. It can also be used to detect previously unknown attacks with no established signature. Wendy Edwards, a software developer interested in the intersection of cybersecurity and data science,

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11 Jan 2019

Consumers Demand Security from Smart Device Makers

The security of connected devices, or the lack thereof rather, is one of the biggest cybersecurity issues right now. Gartner predicts the Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of 25 billion devices by 2021, most of which might be very easy to hack, if current trends are any indication. According

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02 Jan 2019

Seven Tech Bills that Died in Congress in 2018

With the closing of the 115th Congress, many technology bills remaining on the docket will be put out to pasture. Many of the new bills will likely be reintroduced in the next session, but others will likely not. Among the higher profile pieces of legislation that never landed on President

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31 Dec 2018

Guardzilla Home Cameras Open to Anyone Wanting to Watch Their Footage

“Another day, another internet of things (IoT) issue: A design flaw in the Guardzilla home video surveillance system has been discovered that allows users to watch other homeowners’ Guardzilla videos. The Guardzilla All-In-One Video Security System is a home security platform that provides indoor video surveillance. The GZ501W model camera

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20 Dec 2018

How One Lightbulb Could Allow Hackers to Burgle Your Home

Huge numbers of Americans around the country will see their home become even more internet connected this Christmas, as smart devices abound. Security experts continue to warn, however, that even something like a smart lightbulb, especially when connected to a centralized application on your smartphone, provide vulnerable entry points to

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20 Dec 2018

Canadian Hacker Talks to Arizona Man Directly Through His Nest Security Camera

A Canadian “white hat” hacker spoke directly to somebody in Arizona through a hacked Nest security camera, allegedly as part of an effort to warn people of the security risks of such devices. The method the hacker(s) employed to access the device were not highly sophisticated, and allegedly involved using

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10 Dec 2018

Shanghai: Everyone safe but watched in mega-city full of cameras

“Municipal officials in Shanghai now take pride in the litany of Internet of Things applications in their city that make streets and homes safer. For instance, they say cameras at the entrance to a residential estate can scan the face of a driver and his car plate and instantly open the

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03 Dec 2018

The Days of Secret Military Operations May Soon Be Over. Does That Matter?

Social media and expanded access to the internet is making covert operations increasingly difficult, with some experts arguing that secrets now come with a “half-life.” “With all of these sensors, sharing, there are no more secrets…they can be gathered, analyzed and shared in a way that was almost unimaginable in

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20 Nov 2018

The Next Data Mine Is Your Bedroom

Google has secured patents for technology that would allow devices to scan its surroundings and then create ads based off what it detects. For example, a shirt on the floor with a print of Will Smith’s head could be read by a device with the technology and then used to

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