13 Nov 2018

Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services

“An internet traffic diversion that rerouted data through Russia and China disrupted Google services on Monday, including search, cloud-hosting services and its bundle of collaboration tools for businesses. Service interruptions lasted for nearly two hours and ended about 5:30 p.m. EST., network service companies said. In addition to Russian and

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12 Nov 2018

China Telecom Constantly Misdirects U.S. Internet Traffic

Chinese telecoms company China Telecom has a presence in North America and has been regularly rerouting traffic through China, according to a recent report. Researchers have found that China Telecom was able to use its North American presence over recent years to “hijack” traffic, sometimes over the course of weeks

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23 Oct 2018

Russian Intel Chief: Internet Should be Controlled By ‘Proper Authorities’

“‘Fighting terrorism’ is how the Kremlin explains its latest effort to broaden its surveillance of Russian society and increase its control over internet content. But the program is also Moscow’s latest step toward digital isolationism. ‘For us professionals, it has long been obvious that cyberspace should be under the control of

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17 Aug 2018

Thousands of Miles of Internet Cables Could Be Underwater by 2033

Projected rises in sea levels could damage internet connectivity for large parts of the globe by submerging major cables and data centers. Cities like New York, Seattle, and Miami have been named as the highest risk. Existing cables for most of the internet infrastructure are buried underground and can withstand

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