16 Nov 2021

A Better Understanding of the Size and Strength of China’s Great Firewall

A research team uncovered that the Great Firewall (GFW) runs a hidden layer of HTTPS censorship. Another team of researchers determined the size of the GFW through a nine-month project measuring Chinese DNS censorship. Censorship evasion strategy tools and a DNS blocking measurement platform dashboard have also been made available by the researchers.

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14 Jan 2021

Hong Kong internet firm blocked website over security law

A Hong Kong internet service provider blocked access to a pro-democracy website to comply with the city’s national security law. HKChronicles, the site that was blocked by Hong Kong Broadband Network, had compiled information on “yellow” shopes that supported the city’s pro-democracy movement. The site also posted personal information and

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07 Mar 2019

New law lets Russia jail people who ‘disrespect’ the government online

The lower house of the Russian parliament on Wednesday approved a new law that will allow the government to fine or imprison people who post online content criticizing Russian officials or otherwise displaying “disrespect for society, the state, (and) state symbols of the Russian Federation.” The bill officially aims to

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23 Oct 2018

Russian Intel Chief: Internet Should be Controlled By ‘Proper Authorities’

“‘Fighting terrorism’ is how the Kremlin explains its latest effort to broaden its surveillance of Russian society and increase its control over internet content. But the program is also Moscow’s latest step toward digital isolationism. ‘For us professionals, it has long been obvious that cyberspace should be under the control of

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22 Aug 2018

China’s Xi says internet must be ‘clean and righteous’

Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that the internet must be “clean and righteous” as the government continues to censor content for political, pornographic, satirical, violent, and other non-permitted content across blogs, live-streams, and other platforms. In 2017, the government shut down 128,000 websites for containing “harmful” information. Many foreign news

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