31 Jan 2019

Russia, U.S. talks to salvage INF treaty fail

Russia and the U.S. have failed to come to an agreement surrounding the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). The U.S. and its allies have long accused Russia of breaking the treaty with its Novator 9M729 missile, accusations that Russia has denied. With this diplomatic failure between the two countries, the U.S.

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29 Nov 2018

US makes case for withdrawal from missile treaty with Russia

“Russia has for years been developing, testing and deploying a missile that violates a landmark nuclear weapons treaty, a senior White House official said Tuesday, making a case for the administration’s planned withdrawal from the accord ahead of a scheduled meeting between the leaders of the two nations. The nuclear-capable

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22 Oct 2018

US reportedly poised to abandon key arms control treaty with Russia

“The Trump administration is moving to abandon the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, per multiple reports, removing a key arms control treaty between the United States and Russia. According to both The Guardian and The New York Times, national security adviser John Bolton has recommended the U.S. leave the agreement and

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