02 Apr 2019

American Hackers Helped UAE Spy on Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host

An investigative report by Reuters claims that a group of former members of the US intelligence community helped the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carry out cyber espionage activities targeting a BBC host, the chairman of Al Jazeera and other prominent Arab media figures in 2017. The espionage campaign took place

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04 Feb 2019

ISIS could reclaim territory in months without military pressure, warns Pentagon in draft report

In spite of regular statements from the Trump administration regarding “victory” over ISIS, a draft report from the Pentagon indicates that without continued efforts, the terrorist organization could begin to expand its territory within 6-12 months. Coalition forces have retaken nearly 100% of the land previously occupied by ISIS, with

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14 Dec 2018

The Growing Gulf Between Silicon Valley and Washington: A National Security Issue

The gap between Silicon Valley’s tech giants and Washington, especially the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community, is a national security issue, according to a recent opinion piece in The Atlantic. While decisions on tough foreign policy actions against actors like China and Russia have become increasingly bipartisan, tech giants

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04 Nov 2018

Intel Community is Developing a More Spy-Proof Room

“The intelligence community wants to make the spaces government officials use to review and discuss sensitive information impervious to digital spying. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity plans to fund research to further lock down sensitive compartmented information facilities, or SCIFs, against enemy surveillance and insider threats. SCIFs are built

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31 Oct 2018

Military Intelligence Spending Just Posted Biggest Spike in a Decade

The 18% increase in military intelligence spending marks the largest increase in a decade, with most recent years seeing increases of around 2-7%. While details on intelligence expenses are not released due to secrecy requirements, request amounts and the spending approved by Congress are released. And while the U.S. has

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13 Sep 2018

3 Ways Intelligence Agencies Are Using AI

The 17 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community (IC) are working to improve interaction between each other and the exponentially increasing troves of data through what an IC deputy CIO describes as the “concept…vision…idea” of “Augmenting Intelligence using Machines” (AIM). “We’re auditing routine functions that analysts, curators, collectors have

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24 Aug 2018

US spies warn of increase in supply chain vulnerabilities

U.S. intelligence officials have warned of increased attempts by hackers to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities. “Hackers are infecting a wide range of users through official software distribution channels…users do not expect malicious code to be introduced by updated from trusted software vendors,” said one intel community CIO. A recent report

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12 Jun 2018

Intelligence Community sees DNA as future of data storage

A four-year initiative is working to build a small device able to write data onto DNA-like polymers and a parallel device capable of reading the polymer-stored data. The initiative seeks to “present a clear and commercially viable path to future deployment at the exabyte scale” within 10 years. An exabyte

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