31 Oct 2018

Military Intelligence Spending Just Posted Biggest Spike in a Decade

The 18% increase in military intelligence spending marks the largest increase in a decade, with most recent years seeing increases of around 2-7%. While details on intelligence expenses are not released due to secrecy requirements, request amounts and the spending approved by Congress are released. And while the U.S. has

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13 Sep 2018

3 Ways Intelligence Agencies Are Using AI

The 17 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community (IC) are working to improve interaction between each other and the exponentially increasing troves of data through what an IC deputy CIO describes as the “concept…vision…idea” of “Augmenting Intelligence using Machines” (AIM). “We’re auditing routine functions that analysts, curators, collectors have

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22 Jul 2011

Open Source Exploitation: A Guide For Intelligence Analysts

This manual describes the basic concepts and devices used to exploit open sources of information. It presents an introduction to the subject and covers the most common tools and techniques. This manual also provides an understanding of the importance of effective dissemination of open source information. It concludes with a

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