21 Feb 2020

The US Blames Russia’s GRU for Sweeping Cyberattacks in Georgia

On Thursday, State Department officials released a statement alleging that the GRU, a Russiam military intelligence agency, was responsible for cyberattacks that targeted Georgia in October. The attacks took down or defaced thousands of websites and disrupted the broadcasts of two television stations. Administration officials stated that the US and

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13 Feb 2020

Defense Digital Service is Taking Over a Drone and Counter-Drone Development Team

Rogue Squadron, a California based done focused defense Innovation Unit team has been adopted by the Defense Digital Service’s purview, according to a statement released by Defense officials on Wednesday. The agency stated that the group’s transition was executed to scale drone and counter-drone capabilities and expertise across the Defense

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16 Feb 2011

Using the “So What?” factor in analysis

I was working as an intelligence analyst for a fusion center early in my intelligence career.  During my daily reading I came across a piece of information that not only had a reliable source with great access, but also seemed to provide key intelligence information.  I quickly grabbed the report

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