10 May 2022

Gradually, then suddenly, the business environment has changed

In a famous line from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, a character in the story is asked how he went bankrupt. His reply: “Two ways… gradually, then suddenly.”

This line is a catchy way to articulate the way compounding interest works in finance. It is also a good description for the S-Curve that is so frequently seen in adoption of technological innovations, where growth of a technology is usually slow and boring at first, then suddenly shoots up in exponential growth. Gradually then suddenly is also an apt description of many geopolitical trends. We have all been tracking a weakening economy of China, then suddenly their GDP is in decline. We gradually saw Russia posturing for invasion of Ukraine, then suddenly the invasion few anticipated occurs.

The result of all of this is a very turbulent business environment and a need for executives to seek out situational awareness to inform operational decisions. This post provides context from the OODA C-Suite report that will help drive awareness and decision making.

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06 May 2022

Moskva sinking: US gave intelligence that helped Ukraine sink Russian cruiser

The United States provided intelligence about the location and identification of the Moskva to Ukraine. The Moskva was Russia’s flagship Black Sea missile cruiser and was struck with two missiles by Ukraine. The Pentagon has not commented, however a spokesperson confirmed that the US provided the information to allow Ukraine

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07 Apr 2022

Optimizing Corporate Intelligence

This post dives into actionable recommendation on ways to optimize a corporate intelligence effort. It is based on a career serving large scale analytical efforts in the US Intelligence Community and in applying principles of intelligence in corporate America.

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11 Nov 2021

North Korean hackers target the South’s think tanks through blog posts

A North Korean hacking group has been targeting think tanks in South Korea through blog posts riddled with malware. The new campaign dates back to June 2021 and consists of a state-sponsored advanced persistent threat group attempting to plant surveillance and theft-based malware on South Korean victim machines. Researchers from

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24 Sep 2021

Inman’s Rules: The Enduring Principles of Operational Intelligence

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman retired from the US Navy in 1982. But his influence endures. His principles, which he codified into a list still exchanged among intelligence community leaders today, is now known as Inman’s Rules. In this OODAcast interview of Admiral Inman we review these rules, seeking insights into how they can be applied to business and government intelligence and operations today.

Consider his 31 rules and how they will apply to your organization.

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16 Sep 2021

Clapper and Ashley on Joint Ops/Intel Operations, Decision-making, the History and Future of Intelligence and Cyber Threats

We started the OODAcast as a way of highlighting insights and lessons learned from leaders and decision-makers in the OODA Network. In the Spring of 2021, Bob Gourley had a conversation with General Jim Clapper and Lieutenant General Robert Ashley. Threads that emerge in these conversations include the nature and history of intelligence, the importance of Joint Ops/Intel operations, the future of intelligence, and specific characteristics of the cyber threat.

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14 Sep 2021

French Police Arrest Suspect in Possession of Homemade Bombs: Uranium Traces Found

On August 26, a French national was arrested in Colmar, France, after bragging to classmates at the Centre de Formation des Apprentis. The suspect was arrested in possession of four homemade bombs. Further investigation into the situation revealed that the suspect owned several pieces of Nazi paraphernalia. The bombs confiscated

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12 Aug 2021

Sir David Omand on Leveraging How Spies Think In Our Business and Personal Lives

Sir David Omand is one of the most respected intelligence professionals in the world and author of the book How Spies Think: Ten lessons in intelligence. His career in intelligence began shortly after graduating from Cambridge in 1969 when he joined the UK’s GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters). He would later become the director of GCHQ. He also served as the first UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator, the most senior intelligence, counter-terror and homeland security position in the UK.

In this OODAcast we discuss lessons in leadership from his time in the intelligence service and his views on the current threat environment, including threats to nations, corporations and citizens of the free world. We also examine how his time in intelligence informed his own models for understanding and analyzing complex situations and how this motivated him to write How Spies Think.

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02 Jul 2021

Cofer Black on Leadership Lessons Learned and Speaking Truth to Power

In this OODAcast, we talk with renowned counter-terrorism expert and career clandestine services professional Cofer Black. Cofer is best known for having been the Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center on 9/11 and having been part of the intelligence community warning about the near-term threat of terrorism in the United States prior to the attacks. However, his pedigree in counterterrorism issues was well established with a distinguished career in the field in high-risk areas and operations.

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02 Feb 2021

China Steals Personal Data of 80% of US Adults

According to a report that aired on CBS, the Chinese government may have stolen the personal data of 80% of the adults in the United States. Former Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center Bill Evanina warned the public that the People’s Republic of China is actively working

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