21 Nov 2022

Instagram Credential Phishing Attacks Bypass Microsoft Email Security

Amorblox has highlighted a credential phishing attack that targeted roughly 22,000 students attending national education institutions with a campaign that impersonated popular social media platform Instagram. The Armorblox report details the threat and was released earlier this month. The phishing campaign consisted of an initial email that encouraged the victims

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07 Sep 2022

Meta Fined $400m in Ireland For Children’s Privacy Breach

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has announced that it plans to fine social media platform Instagram $402 million due to mistreatment and mishandling of children’s data. The DPC found that Instagram allowed children to run business accounts that displayed the account holder’s phone number and email address. Therefore, Instagram was

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16 Mar 2022

Phony Instagram ‘Support Staff’ Emails Hit Insurance Company

A new phishing campaign targeting insurance companies has been detected by researchers. The phishing messages attempt to steal Instagram login credentials by threatening to shut the account down. The message also claims that the user receiving the notice reportedly shared fake content on the social media platform. The phishing campaign

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16 Jun 2021

Facebook awards $30,000 bounty for exploit exposing private Instagram content

Bounty hunter Mayur Fartade has been awarded $30,000 for discovering and reporting a vulnerability in Instagram’s privacy features. According to Fartade, he uncovered a set of vulnerable endpoints within the Instagram app that allowed hackers to view private media on the platform without following a targeted account. Fartade wrote in

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13 Nov 2020

Amazon files lawsuit against Instagram, TikTok influencers over ‘dupe’ sales scam

On Thursday, a lawsuit filed by Amazon against Instagram and TikTok users was made public. The lawsuit alleges that 13 individuals on the platforms were using their power to sell counterfeit luxury goods and lure followers into buying fake products, deceiving Amazon in the process. The influencers would post content

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18 Aug 2020

Instagram Retained Deleted User Data Despite GDPR Rules

Instagram has reportedly been storing copies of deleted private messages and photos on its servers even when the users deleted the information from their accounts. The platform acknowledged the security mistake and awarded the researcher who discovered the flaw $6,000 for finding the bug. The researcher, Saugat Pokharel, found the

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13 Jul 2020

Facebook and Instagram ban all posts promoting conversion therapy

On Thursday, Instagram announced that it planned to ban all forms of content promoting conversion therapy, which is a highly controversial practice consisting of forcefully changing an individual’s sexual orientation. A spokesperson for Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, stated that the recent change in policy expands on an earlier rule that

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06 Dec 2019

YouTube Is Easiest Platform To Manipulate, NATO Advisers Find

The NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence bought social media engagement for 105 posts across various platforms for a three month period, which costed a total of $333 for 3,500 comments, 25,000 likes, 20,000 views, and 5,000 followers. The companies they bought from was composed of 11 Russian and 5

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13 Sep 2019

New fake-news worry for Instagram

Experts are concerned that Instagram could become a leading platform for disinformation leading up to the 2020 election. “Disinformation is increasingly based on images as opposed to text,” said Paul Barrett, the author of an NYU report that’s prompted a renewed look at the problem. Barrett’s report also notes that

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12 Sep 2019

Instagram Confirms Security Issue Exposed User Accounts And Phone Numbers

A recently uncovered vulnerability in Instagram’s contact importer could have allowed threat actors to access private user data including full names, phone numbers and Instagram account numbers and handles. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has confirmed the flaw and resolved the issue. Exploitation of the vulnerability involved brute-forcing Instagram’s login form.

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