14 Jul 2021

US charges Greek national for selling insider trading subscriptions in the Dark Web

US prosecutors have charged Greek national Apostolos Trovias with offering insider trading services via the Dark Web. Trovias is facing criminal charges for a scheme to solicit and sell stock trading tips, including pre-release earnings and deal information, according to the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange

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30 Sep 2020

Former Amazon Employee Charged with $1.4m Insider Trading Scheme

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a former Amazon finance manager and two family members with inside trading after an investigation concluded the former employee intentionally misused tax details she had access too as part of her role at Amazon. The SEC confirmed that the charges related

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14 May 2020

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

On Wednesday night, federal agents seized the phone of Senator Richard Burr of NC as part of an investigation into Senator Burr’s suspicious stock trades just before the COVID-19 virus hit the US. The Justice Department is investigating whether the stock trades performed by Burr and other Senators coincided with

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01 Feb 2019

Black hat hackers, white collar criminals snuggle up to operate insider trading schemes

According to research by Splunk, the past year has seen a steady increase of insider trading schemes, in which white collar criminals collaborate with black hat hackers in order to monetize valuable business data. This development is linked to the decreasing profitability of more traditional cybercrimes, such as cyber extortion

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10 Jul 2018

Press releases hacked to generate over $100 million in illegal trades

For 5 years, seven stock traders and three hackers gamed the financial system by hacking press releases prior to their publication and using the information to generate over $100 million in trading profit. In the hack that authorities have referred to as the largest financial hacking scheme of its kind,

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