30 Apr 2019

Half of companies have 1,000+ sensitive files accessible to every employee

Other than scaring organizations with massive potential fines for data protection snafu’s, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has not sufficiently impacted organizations (yet), even though the law has been in effect for almost a year now. New research by Varonis shows that companies are still falling short

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29 Apr 2019

Two-thirds of IT workers share sensitive information by email

A recent Igloo Software survey highlights how data sharing practices among employees put companies at risk. Just 14% of employees use secure FTP to share information. Instead, the most popular tools for sharing sensitive data are email (69%) and shared document drives like Google Drive (45%), while 26% of workers

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25 Apr 2019

The key challenges and contradictions that frustrate security professionals

A new Glasswall survey shows that while many security leaders depend on staff to keep the company safe, they are very worried about how those same employees may actually pose a threat to the firm. 40% of senior security professionals fully rely on staff as the last line of defense

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25 Apr 2019

Employers should develop cybersecurity protocols and invest more in employee training programs

Organizations are increasingly aware that their employees represent both their biggest asset and a serious security risk. Consequently, 92% of IT leaders believe that in order to protect data, their firms should invest in new solutions that allow them to monitor user activity and spot insider threats. Just under half

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24 Apr 2019

1 in 4 Workers Are Aware Of Security Guidelines – but Ignore Them

New research by Symphony Communication Services shows that employee awareness of security guidelines does not automatically translate to prudent behavior. In fact, nearly a quarter of employees (24%) do not abide by security guidelines even though they are aware of them. For instance, 27% of staff members connect to networks

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12 Apr 2019

Why IT pros fear employee error, not hackers, will cause the most breaches

Security analytics firm Gurucul has released a new report on the growing insider threat to organizations. The survey that was conducted among over 650 IT professionals from various countries indicates that nearly 3 out of 4 organizations are vulnerable to insider threats. Companies consider the biggest insider threats to be

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08 Apr 2019

Insights gained from working on more than 750 cybersecurity incidents

A new report by BakerHostetler provides information on various threats and security trends based on 750 potential security incidents that occurred in 2018. The study points to phishing as the most common cause for security incident, which is unsurprising. A more striking finding is that about one in four security

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04 Apr 2019

Why insider security threats are on the rise and so difficult to detect

Insider attacks are on the rise according to almost 3 in 4 (73%) IT pros that participated in a new Bitglass survey. In last year’s survey, only a small majority (56%) of respondents said the same. Almost 60% of companies actually suffered a security incident caused by an insider in

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03 Apr 2019

Cryptojacking Still a Foreign Concept for Many Security Pros

Even though cryptojacking, i.e. the illegitimate use of a system’s resourcing powers for mining cryptocurrency, is a serious threat to organizations, a new survey by Exabeam found that a majority (57%) of infosec professionals don’t even know what it is. In addition, 65% of respondents were not familiar with shadow

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26 Mar 2019

Remote Workers Threaten 1 in 3 Organizations

A new OpenVPN survey provides insights into the risks and benefits of remote working. According to the study, 90% of IT leaders acknowledge that remote workers put the organization at risk and a majority (54%) thinks that the risks posed by remote workers are higher than for onsite staff. However,

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