09 Mar 2021

Mark Zuckerberg says realistic avatars are Facebook’s next big VR bet

According to CEO Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is capitalizing on new, cutting-edge technology to develop virtual reality headsets that capture users’ facial expressions for more realistic avatars. During a podcast, Zuckerburg explained how Facebook was ready to harness the next decade of virtual and augmented reality, including future Oculus VR devices.

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24 Feb 2021

Re-Embrace American S&T

The Potomac Institute for Technology studies has released a new brief outlining key areas in which the organization will focus on implementing with the goal of furthering science and technology efforts in the US. The publication serves as a guide for other cutting-edge-tech-focused companies on how to reinvigorate American science

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05 Nov 2020

Inside Saudi Arabia’s Innovative Strategy To Become A Global Leader In Artificial Intelligence

Saudi Arabia recently hosted a Global AI Summit organized by the Saudi Data and AI Authority group. The summit focused on building Saudi Arabia’s power in the artificial intelligence industry, naming it imperative to the country’s digital economy agenda. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been attempting to reinvent itself

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16 Oct 2020

White House Strategy Names 20 Emerging Technologies Crucial to National Security

On Thursday, the White House announced a new strategy to achieve global superiority in emerging technology ranging from artificial intelligence to space innovation. Although the US has been the leading force among many recently develop technologies spanning over the past century, that supremacy is currently being challenged by foreign forces

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06 Aug 2020

OODA Network Interview: Dr. Jen Buss

This post is based on an interview with Dr. Jen Buss, President of Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. It is part of our series of interviews of OODA Network members

“Ask for the best available science you can get, and then make a decision and live with it.  There will always be MORE data later, and you can adjust as needed, but waiting to have ALL the data is a decision in itself!”

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07 Apr 2020

How a New AI Translated Brain Activity to Speech With 97 Percent Accuracy

researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have developed technology that can translate brain signals into complete sentences with error rates as low as three percent. Although part of speech have been decoded from brain signals for roughly a decade, the solutions have been far from perfect as they

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27 Jan 2020

Mexican Cartel Adaptation and Innovation

Adaptation and innovation is a core component of successful organization competition among states and their militaries, businesses and corporations—and as argued here, organized crime groups—especially transnational criminal organizations (TCOs).  In order to gain supremacy organizations often introduce new technologies to foster this innovation, yet not all innovation is technological.  Indeed, non-state actors are often incubators of novel practices and non-technological innovation to further their goals and often to survive.  This brief assessment looks at non-technological innovation potentials among Mexican TCOs (criminal cartels and gangs).

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09 Apr 2019

Report: China’s Closing the Innovation Gap

New research[pdf] by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) indicates that China is making great strides in its attempt to close the innovation gap with the United States. ITIF president Robert Atkinson says that “[i]n the span of about a decade, the Chinese economy has made dramatic progress in

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07 Mar 2019

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Human Innovation

AI is expected to create significant value for businesses in the coming years. Gartner predicts that by 2022, the value that AI contributes to companies will already total $3.9 trillion. Most of this estimated value is related to an increase in worker productivity. In addition to this,  Micha Breakstone of

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19 Feb 2019

China Plans to Turn Hong Kong and Macau Into a Silicon Valley Rival

China seems to have added yet another dimension in the US-China battle for tech dominance by presenting a plan to create a global innovation hub to rival Silicon Valley. According to the plan, Hong Kong and Macau will be connected to Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two cities in southern China, in order

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