17 Jan 2019

Hackers Take Control Of Giant Construction Cranes

Researchers with a security firm have demonstrated severe cyber vulnerabilities across cranes and other construction equipment, showcasing give different kinds of possible attacks. In a replay attack, hackers are able to copy commands being sent to the machines and then send these copied commands to the machine in the future.

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02 Nov 2018

Mexico City Goes Days Without Water During Maintenance Shutdown

Mexico is cutting water to Mexico City’s 8 million residents for 3 days to allow repairs to a 200-mile-long system that loses up to 40% of the water it pumps to leaks. When it is turned back on, it could take up to days for it to reach some areas.

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12 Jun 2018

Two Companies Picked To Protect US Dams from Cyberattacks

In efforts to bolster protection of US infrastructure, the Department of the Interior has awarded two companies positions on a $45 million dollar contract to protect the country’s 600 dams from cyberattack. Booz Allen Hamilton and Spry Methods won the positions on the contract that will work to prevent attacks

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02 Feb 2011

Roadmap to Archive Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity

This Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity provides a plan to improve the cybersecurity of the energy sector. The strategic framework within presents the vision of industry, vendors, academia, and government stakeholders for energy delivery systems security, supported by goals and time-­based milestones to achieve that vision over the

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26 Jan 2010

US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?

“At least three US oil companies were the target of a series of previously undisclosed cyberattacks that may have originated in China and that experts say highlight a new level of sophistication in the growing global war of Internet espionage. The oil and gas industry breaches, the mere existence of

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