29 Apr 2018

A multi-dimensional approach to disinformation

The report of the European Union independent High level Group on fake news and online disinformation has been released.  In the report, the experts convened argue that a broad societal understanding of misinformation tactics, beyond just the realm of just fake news. “When tackling disinformation online, four principles under- lie

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07 Jun 2016

Cybercom Trains for Infrastructure Attack

“The U.S. Cyber Command will conduct large-scale military exercises this week simulating cyber attacks against critical U.S. infrastructure, and the war games will highlight the growing threat posed by foreign states capable of crippling the electrical grid and financial networks through digital attacks. The exercise, known as Cyber Guard 16,

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15 Dec 2013

InfoWar 1992-2012

Matt Devost and Winn Schwartau talk discuss what has happened in the information warfare and cyberconflict space over the past twenty years.

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