28 Nov 2018

Indonesian app allows citizens to report ‘misguided’ religious beliefs

Technology is often lauded as a democratizing force, but its dark side as a new component in oppression has become increasingly visible. In a recent example, a new app in Indonesia, launched by the Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office, allows users to report “misguided” religious beliefs. The country has strict blasphemy laws and

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12 Oct 2018

In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War

“Not long ago, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific spent most of their training time preparing for humanitarian relief missions, evacuations from natural disasters, and efforts to build up allied security forces. Not anymore. Since President Donald Trump has come to office, the administration has issued a new National Security Strategy

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04 Oct 2018

What Went Wrong With Indonesia’s Tsunami Early Warning System?

“In the aftermath of the Friday earthquake and ensuing tsunami that destroyed thousands of homes and killed more than 1,200 people on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, officials are beginning to sort out what went wrong with the country’s early warning system for tsunami detection. Indonesia’s system, completed in

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06 Sep 2018

The Demographics of Southeast Asian Jihadism

While little research on the subject is available, open-source research suggests a number of important demographic developments in terrorism across the Southeast Asian region. Understanding these demographics is essential, as they can provide insight into how to combat terrorist efforts in a given geography, from recruitment to operations. In Southeast

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07 Jun 2018

Family terrorism is Southeast Asia’s newest threat, defense officials warn

A growing number of terror attacks and suicide bombings have been carried out by families, including children, in Indonesia, in a worrying new trend for the region that has struggled to contain radicalization. In one case this May, a family of six, including two children under the age of 12,

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03 Jun 2010

Indonesia police fear possible attack during Obama trip

“Islamist militants in Indonesia may be considering attacks on soft targets and Westerners when U.S. President Barack Obama visits this month, the head of counter-terrorism said on Thursday. Obama is due to visit Indonesia, his childhood home, between June 15 and 17 after delaying a trip originally scheduled for March.

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24 Mar 2010

Security Experts say Indonesian Terrorism Threat Growing

“Since a deadly bombing attack on hotels in Jakarta last year, Indonesian security forces have tracked down the militants responsible and prevented other attacks. They also killed Noordin Top, the leader of the group that carried out the attack on the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels. And they hunted down and

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24 Jan 2010

Gunmen attack convoy near U.S. mining company in Indonesia

“Several people, including one American, were wounded Sunday when a convoy belonging to a U.S. mining company came under fire in the province of Papua, police said. The convoy of two buses and four cars was carrying employees of PT Freeport, the largest copper and gold mining company in the

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