23 Aug 2021

IBM finds ASX outage the result of trade platform not being ready for go-live

Last November, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) experienced significant software issues when it went live. The exchange was forced to pause trades as a result of the difficulties. The exchange stated at the time that Nasdaq, its technology provider, and independent third parties had tested the ASX Trade system for

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15 Mar 2021

IBM Announces Cloud Marketplace For Secure Chip Design

IBM has announced that they have established new marketplaces hosted inside a hybrid cloud environment that fosters the secure development of microelectronics. The secure chip design platform will service both the commercial industry and the Defense Department. The marketplace has been named The Marketplace for Advanced, Rapid, Quanifiably-assured, Trusted Semiconductors

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23 Dec 2020

A Massive Fraud Operation Stole Millions From Online Bank Accounts

IBM researchers claim that they have uncovered a widespread automated fraud operation that leveraged a network of mobile device emulators to stead millions of dollars from targeted bank accounts in just days. The scale of the operation is unprecedented. According to IBM, the cybercriminals behind the campaign used roughly 20

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03 Dec 2020

Cyberattacks Discovered on Vaccine Distribution Operations

The IBM cybersecurity division has found that a series of cyberattacks are targeting companies and government organizations pertaining to COVID-19 vaccine development, storage, and distribution. It is unclear whether the attackers are looking to steal technology for keeping vaccines before they are administered or to sabotage the operation. The Department

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15 Jun 2020

Microsoft Joins Ban on Sale of Facial Recognition Tech to Police

Microsoft has reportedly joined Amazon and IBM in blocking the sale of its facial recognition technology to law enforcement, pushing for federal laws that adequately address the issues present in the software and regulate the technology. On Thursday, Microsoft stated that the ban on facial recognition gear will stand until

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22 Apr 2020

RCE Exploit Released for IBM Data Risk Manager, No Patch Available

IBM has not yet patched four serious security vulnerabilities that lie in the IBM Data Risk Manager (IDRM). The vulnerabilities can lead to unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE), according to an analysis from Agile Information Security. A proof-of-concept exploit is also available for version 2.0.3. IDRM serves as a software

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31 Mar 2020

Zeus Sphinx Banking Trojan Arises Amid COVID-19

After three years, the Zeus Sphinx banking trojan has returned to the cybersecurity scene amid the global pandemic, aiming to capitalize on government relief efforts. According to two researchers at IBM X-Force, Amir Gandler and Limor Kessem, the trojan began resurfacing in December, however, there has been a significant increase

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31 Mar 2020

Coronavirus-themed spam surged 14,000% in two weeks says IBM

Recently, there have been numerous reports of cybercriminals and hacking groups taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM emerged with new information that stated that in the past two weeks, coronavirus themed spam has increased by 14,000%. The report by IBM’s X-Force reveals how much spam has been generated, taking

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05 Dec 2019

Iran Has Launched ‘Malicious’ New Malware That Wipes Windows Computers, Warns IBM

IBM found that state-sponsored hacking group APT34 has deployed a new strain of malicious malware aimed at the industrial and energy sectors in the Middle East. APT34 was responsible for a phishing attack using LinkedIn earlier this year, but IBM claims that they are working with another group whose identity

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12 Sep 2019

The Executive’s Guide To Quantum Computing: What you need to know for your strategy today

This guide captures key concepts and the status of major quantum computing research initiatives in a way meant to serve the needs of operational decision-makers. Our goal, inform you about the near future so you can make the right changes to your strategy today. After a review of some key quantum computing concepts we will provide an update on some of the most promising research initiatives and key use cases being explored. We then conclude with insights you can use for your strategic approach and a list of resources for further research.

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